Friday, February 15, 2013


CNY's celebration this year lasted for something like 5 days. Like previous years, whole family traveled outstation to get together with the other clans. 

This year was omg super tiring, but very memorable :)

First stop, KL.

Ok, the 'g' is missing, but... who cares? It's still chocolate :D

Bui Kor leading the honorary cake-cutting ceremony.

Jee Kor *peace*

Merlin and I.

Cousin Wong no.1 ;)

Cousin Wong no.2 :P

Kong kong!

Daddy O looking very happy.

Lunch was home made asam laksa :)

Reunion dinner steamboat style.

Ladies' club.

Next stop: Popo's house...

...which I basically camwhored with Merlin.

3rd stop: Taiping during chor 3.

Taiping amah and momma the great.

Second cousins. 1Malaysia :D Haven't seen them for years omg. Can't even recognize.

More cookies. Omg, I am so sick of food.

Then to Sa Kim Poh's house.

The Tan clan.

I went up to Genting with parents on chor 1 to send Skinny back to work. And then I went into the casino for the first time as a customer! *squeals*

The last time I went into the casino was 2 years ago as an employee. 

I won RM25 that night on roulette! :D No joke ok??

During chor 2, the whole family went up to Genting. The weather that day was F***ING COLD. The mist at 4pm was like... I dunno what to say lah. Just imagine the mist at night. 

Because it was chor 2, there were A LOT of cars. And I mean A LOT. So we parked outdoor. And what a decision it was...

The walk from where our car was parked to First World Hotel was....


Haha. No, I'm serious.

It was so cold and windy by the time all of us reached the hotel, my hair was soaked.

On the way up.


Ok back to chor 3. So after the Taiping road trip, we stopped by Ipoh Kinta City for shopping... with angpau moneeyyy :)

Oppa Gangnam performance.

Then daddy treated us to Secret Recipe.

And Merlin and I bought lots of things I will showcase in my future posts. I finally bought stuff I've been wanting to get since forever. No lah, since a few months back.

Ok done with this obligatory cny post. Wheewww...

Hope everyone enjoyed their cny's :)

Orait. Next post will most probably be a shopping haul post ;)


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