Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Collagen Crystal Eye Bag Mask

Yo :)

Did some shopping with Angel the other day and bought this dress I really, really, really, LOVE. Omg. Can't wait to wear it.

I also bought some eye masks I'll be talking about below.

So I purchased these really cool jelly-like eye masks from Qbox at BB. First time trying out gel-like mask. Usually it's just sheets for me. I'm green like that.

One for RM3.

Buy 10, free 10 for RM30. First time hear this kind of thing. Haha. Do the math, RM1.50 each. So I took 10 pairs, Angel took the other 10.

Like all eye masks, this one claims to reduce puffiness and dark circles. And since it's collagen, I guess it also firms up the skin around the eye area?

The consistency is neat. Like... flattened nata de coco (sea coconut).

Looks like my passport photo *sigh*. Especially with that blue background. Okayyy... it's really looking like a passport photo la. Shit. 

Anyway, it says to use a pair a day consecutively for 3 days. Then after that use whenever needed. And that's what I did my friend.

Today's the 3rd night and...... I don't know whether there's any visible result. Haha. 

It's not like I scrutinize the degree of darkness under my eyes everyday. Because I have naturally deep set eyes, there's always a shadow cast under my eye. 

Anyway that's besides the point lol. But there's this psychological effect after applying. Like I FEEL my under eyes get brighter... even though, you know, it may not. Haha.

So after having enough eye-time, I transfer the still-slightly-wet masks to... my neck, arms and hands. Haha. I'm gross like that. But hey, waste not.

And so here ends another random review.

Ok, ACCA news. Passed 2 of my Dec sitting papers. Oh wee.

I most probably am going to be taking 2 papers this time round instead of the perceived 3. Because although I passed all my other previous papers, I don't like my marks. So I hope I can pull up my marks this time round. Although I know the professional papers are a notch tougher :(

Sleepy time. And I have to take care of my pou too.


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