Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blogging with instant noodles

It's 1 something in the morning and I'm having tom yam maggi mee, blogging. Because I can't sleep. I think I've been sleeping really late recently, I can't seem to sleep early now. Damn. I know it's not good for my skin. So why can't I just bl**dy sleep already? My mind is racing. I hate that feeling when I just can't stop thinking. Agh. With my results coming out SOON and other crap. This doesn't get any easier.

Sleeping problems aside, grandpa and aunties are over for a visit! I feel so festive already. Can't wait to go to KL for CNY :)


I remember vividly the last time I expected so much to happen, but then nothing happened. I waited, and waited and waited. No news.

So this time, I'm trying to figure out what went wrong. But I do know that whatever I do now, I have to up my game, play everything a notch higher. If I really want something, I have to give it my all. Either full-ass or no-ass.


This has been difficult for me, because I have a habit of spending on things I don't really use consistently. Especially on skincare and make up. I buy them once in a blue moon. But when I do...

Actually I don't mind buying stuff that works for me and that sees me always grabbing for it. But thing is, because I sometimes buy on impulse without research, stuff that I buy are usually just for... collecting dust.

After years of experience, I'm glad, thank god, I've finally gotten the feel of what I prefer, what works for me and what I can see myself using in the long-run.

And this year, I'm finding I NEED TO STOCK UP ON NICE CLOTHES. Nuff' said.

I used quite a bit in the recent month, but now I'm saving it back. And I'm surprised the universe is actually giving back quite a lot to me in this short span of time :)


So the last time I weighed myself, I clocked in 45.1kg. I was, to say the least, pleasantly horrified.

Ever since I lost the bit of weight and actually maintained my weight, I always thought I hovered around 47 kg. But I NEVER EVER thought I could reach 45 kg. But ANYWAYS, I think I'm back to 47-48kg. Whatever. Haha.

To the point. Ever since I started having a fetish for Victoria's Secret Models, I realized that losing weight isn't everything. Those models, their bodies are like goddesses. Like beautiful, toned, proportioned, bronzed,  taut bodies. Not like skinny, saggy, flabby, skeleton-ish - something that my mum is very obviously hinting at me.


But seriously, I don't think I'm that thin. Slim maybe. Thin, no. Heh.


I've been going on jogs with Jb lately. OH YEAH BABY! Let's whip ourselves into shape! Best thing is, he's as pumped up as I am too. So we're both motivating and pushing each other :)

But he's going back around the end of the month. NOOOOO!!!! Why? T_T

Sigh... why am I still awake? dammit.

Ok, gonna do some mind numbing stuff now. Nights' all.


  1. I usually tune in to the BBC World Service when I have trouble sleeping. I will usually doze off within 30 min. Reading a book helps too.

  2. BBC? Lol. Yeah, should probably stock up on a few good books. All the books at home, I've read through them umpteen times already T_T

  3. A penny saved is a penny earned. Download free books at All perfectly legal.