Monday, February 25, 2013

Anti Black Head Mask and Other Stories

Hi peeps!

So the other day, I purchased this anti-black head mask from my friend for just RM10! How awesome is that? 

I was planning on getting an anti black head mask from Cosway but that one cost nearly RM40. 

I'm glad my friend tagged me in her FB post :P

So this is it. It's a pretty decently sized bottle. Very decently sized to say the truth.

And then when u squeeze it, it looks like toothpaste. Heck, it smells like toothpaste too!

I applied it on my whole face and man, was it satisfying to see all that white stuff coming out. Yeahhh...

I've already used it twice so far and I like what it does for that price :) 

The first was like I said, whole face. The second time was just on my nose and cheeks area. Because, girl you don't know. It's PAINFUL pulling the whole damn thing off your WHOLE face. And time-consuming. 

Anyway, my "heads" are normally just on my nose. So yup.

And then my friend gave me this FREE mask to go together with my purchase! Thank you Wahwah :) <3

I used it already. Haha.

Ok, next story.

I went down to KL for a couple o' days 2 days ago.

Met up with Jb at MV.

Ok rant a little first ah. 

I was starving at that time. But both of us couldn't decide what to eat. No, not both of us. Just me. Cuz he's ALWAYS like "up to you, anything you like, you decide, whatever you eat, I'll eat."

Thanks a heap dude... 

Next time I'm gonna face palm his face.

Anyway, we ended up eating at some thai stall in The Gardens. Which was a prettaayyyy bad idea. 

Their kuey teow was just... TERRIBLE. TERRIBLE.

And so pricey... =.=

But because I was hungry, I just pushed it down my throat to fill up my tummy. Aaahh! Should have went to Kenny Rogers or Pizza Hut or something. 

Other than that, our date went pretty smoothly after that :)

We also watched Hansel & Gretel. And I don't know about you, but that movie was AWESOME.

Action movies where the female lead is like some kick-butt super heroine... I'm sold.

Resident Evil, Salt, Violet, Gretel... whatever man.

This was me in Shanel's car the next day. I wasn't feeling comfortable that time. THE BUST AREA OF MY DRESS JUST KEPT FALLING!!! I had to keep pulling it up. Pull, pull, pull. Should have trialed at home and then I'd know I had to buy some tape. 

You don't know how much I suffered :(

ANYWAY, we were heading for an interview somewhere both of us were clueless about. So we got lost quite a couple of times. And it was getting hot, and time was ticking away. But, FINALLY found the place lah. Phew. 

After arriving at the place, I rushed to cellophane my dress. Haha.

Wasn't perfect, but it did help a little. At least it held up during the most critical time.

Lesson learned. ALWAYS, ALWAYS trial wear your attire.

Anyway, amidst all that going on right now, I have to focus on my studies. So I bought this really cool mind map book from MPH. And so far, it has made studying a little less dull and a little more gratifying :)

Thank you ah Jb <3

Ok, gonna hit 'publish'!

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