Thursday, January 3, 2013

What I'm thankful for

Edit: I wrote this about a month ago. Never got around to posting it. Until now. Don't ask me. I don't know either.

I had a lovely dream many nights ago, about family, my adorable sisters, him, Christmas-like  interior of buildings, posh outdoor lobby areas, nice LRT driven by mom (weird when I type it out I know, but a dream's a dream!), walks down a more civilized and cleaner PJ street and strangely, Chuckei's hat. The $130 one.

In that dream, I felt all fuzzy and warm.

And then I woke up, and he was sleeping beside me.

Weird intro, but that dream sparked me to write this post.

I have so many things to be grateful for in life.

1. A generous amount of allowance every month

I know not many kids get that much a month. And I'm very grateful for having so much to save, to spend. I've been constantly complaining that I need money, money, money. But I've been blind to the fact that there is already so much money around me. So much good food. Such a nice place to live in.

2. S2 Phone

Just a while back, I've been using my RM90 LG phone dreaming everyday to own an S2 since a year back. And then now, I have the most perfect polished white S2 phone next to me. Complete with the cutest launcher themes, a very pink sms theme and loads of apps to fiddle with. It's not just a phone anymore, it's evidence of my manifestation come to life.

3. Self studying ACCA

Yes, I know I want to go to KL to live. I want to take classes in Kasturi. I want to experience living independently again. Sometimes I get really mad at the fact that everyone else around me is experiencing university life, but me.

But I also know that Uni life is not all sugary sweet. From what I hear the workload is a lot, money is a restricting factor, having to eat at the canteen everyday is not something to look forward to and the location is also a very significant factor.

And then I am suddenly grateful to be able to study when I like, in the comforts of my PJs, food provided, no responsibilities, not having any assignments to do. Just exams. Being carefree if I choose to feel like that.

But that doesn't mean I'm going to stop dreaming of going to KL lol.

4. Having this pretty pretty blog

I love writing, drawing, creating anything I want. And then compiling all of those creations in this pink blog.

I like creating pretty, pretty posts that are pleasing to the eyes, editing pretty pretty pictures of pretty pretty inanimate objects, drawing pretty pretty girls and all things pretty pretty. It's like this imaginary box of beautiful things I store.

I'm grateful for having the ability to write and draw, the fascination to build this blog, the interest to pursue more.

5. The most amazing family and boyfriend

Nuff' said ;)

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