Saturday, January 26, 2013

The 4th week of January

Hello! So I just watched this trending video of this Australian dude, Adrian, randomly kissing strangers and trying out um... corny pick up lines. And wow... At least he's good looking. Haha.

Ok, so it probably looks a bit staged but who knows?

So this week is the LAST week of January and... damn! Writer's block!


Never mind. Photos!

So this is during one of my study sessions at Jb's place. And he's playing doTA like usual. Screw him. Haha.

I have finally, like FINALLY printed out my P1,2,3 stuff. Yay.

P.S. That is NOT my bra at the top left corner of the picture. That's his sister's =.=

Bought this sparkling pink polish from the pasar malam. Lol. First time I'm buying nail polish there. RM4 :)

I'm not really a nail polish kinda girl. I can't even remember the last time I bought nail polish. It's usually Merlin who buys them. But I wanted this color for something ;)

FINALLY bought a nail polish remover. And I just finished my Hada Labo Moisturizing cleanser. Wanted to buy the same one but since it's RM15, I tried out the cheaper Biore Facial Foam. Only RM5 something. Haha. 

Not bad la so far. 

Gold dangling ear rings from AgroMall. Forgot the price but I think it was something like RM4.90. Cheap right? I find I actually like gold colored things. I mean, if you play it right, the color looks very glamorous as opposed to "old".

Sister Diary's Black Pearl Mask! 2 pcs for RM8.90. A bit pricey but I love this to pieces! I find it instantly brightens my face after every use. I am also planning to get the Deep Brightening and Whitening one.

And best of all is that it's paraben free and alcohol free. I found out that a lot of moisturizers contain paraben, even the ones I have. And paraben is... dangerous. I have to find a moisturizer that doesn't contain it after I've used up mine. 

Random doll house DIY set I bought for Mowgli and Boo :)

Ok bye!


  1. Hi Miyen, how did the semifinal go? Jee Kor

  2. I didn't get in :(

    Will be writing a post about it soon! Stay tuned. hehehehe.