Thursday, January 10, 2013

My first ever beauty pageant

I received my "new year gift" when I found out I was selected as one of the contestants for the Miss Shanghai Beauty Pageant 2013. Hurray me! Nice way to start the new year rolling.

In one word: CRAZEYYY

I had so much fun rehearsing, learning the catwalk, posing, meeting beautiful new friends, shopping for the upcoming competition day and just had immense fun being on stage. 

On the night of the competition itself, sure I had the jitters backstage, but once on stage, I relished the flow of adrenaline :)

Even though my feet hurt from all that standing and walking in killer heels, I am so so so very grateful for the experience.

There are 3 heats altogether, meaning 3 preliminary rounds. Each heat has a total of 12 contestants. Out of each heat, 8 girls will be chosen to the next stage, the semi finals. 

I was in heat 2 which was held 2 days ago. And I got through to the semis :) Yes! My semi final is tentatively to be held on the 29th this month.


And then I pulled out. 

It was a hard decision, but I had to make it. The thing was that this pageant was held in a bar. It was an outdoor bar, and although I personally felt it was one of the more classier and nicer bars - Afterwerk at Scott Garden - it is still a bar nevertheless. 

Sure some girls may not mind, but this is just me and I also know this is what my family and boyfriend would want. So I pulled out. 

And I am happy making this decision. There is a tinge of regret I must admit, but with my beliefs and inner conflict, I don't want to go anymore further.

Even after all that fun rehearsing and making new friends, deep down I was at a conflict. But I still wanted to get a taste of how it actually feels on the real night itself.


And now that I've already gained my first experience (and got myself through the next round!), I am pulling out.

So dramatic lah I.

But I'll never forget my beautiful coach, Ixora Chern, for guiding me and giving me the best time rehearsing.

And then my babes who've all made this whole experience so wonderful. Pecky, Jiayi, Sansan, Anita, Ju May, Monica, Daryle. I'll miss you girls so much! I really felt very close to them throughout the whole thing.



Pecky. She's been so good to me - letting me put up at her place :) To Starbucks we shall go next time!


Jiayi and Anita. Did not manage a picture with them T__T

And Ju May too T__T 

Because at that time I thought I'd still be meeting them cuz those girls I did not take with also qualified. So I logically thought that we'd still have time.

But now cannot already T__T

More behind the scenes photos.

Hair and make up were sponsored and done by Sense & Style academy. 

Yes, the make up was THICK omg. I think my eye make up was the thickest of the lot. I don't know why.

And my hair was HUGE. F**king BIG.


That's called stage make up lah.. 

The backstage

Like how bees are attracted to honey, I love the rush of excitement on stage. I don't know, I guess that's why I've been always attracted to public speaking and debating. And now, well maybe... pageants ;)

What I've learnt from this pageant is

...the confidence to walk the stage, the general structure of a show, how training and rehearsals are conducted, what the contestants go through behind the scenes and what to expect during the whole period.

And then there's confidence. CONFIDENCE is BIG in pageants. 

I consider Miss Shanghai as a stepping stone. I am very fortunate to be given this chance.

I want to do whatever I want, but I will do them properly with the full support of my loved ones.



  1. you look so so CHAN-TIK!!!! ) =D

  2. Wow! this is amazing! keep staying true to yourself~ :)

  3. aw... thanks guys! i really, really appreciate them :) *teary-eyed*

  4. Teehee, now i know why! It's ok babe, bigger opportunities await you! ;)

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