Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Miss Shanghai Semi Final

AAHHHH... feels darn good to be back home. My feet oh my feet. 

So just last night was Miss Shanghai's semi-final for my group. If you think being in a beauty pageant is easy, I'm telling you... IT IS VERY TIRING. But I like it. Haha.

So this is the deal, there are 14 girls, 7 will qualify to the grand finals. That means half will get kicked out.

Ok fine, straight to the point, I did not manage to get into the finals. I FAILED MY FAMILY AND BF AFTER GETTING THEIR FULL MENTAL SUPPORT!! Nice move T__T


Looking at the bright side, it's a good thing I did not qualify. 

Because I can safely say I'm the only outstation contestant. And travelling from Kampar to KL for rehearsals and on the event day EVERY bloody time is just... let's just say I pokai ad lah. 

And I think (Anita influenced me to think this lol) I lost out because of the voting round. I did not bring along supporters (my choice, I'd rather not have them come actually, damn embarrassing letting them see me catwalk lol). 

Although theoretically voting counts for only 30% of the total marks, I still can't help feeling you gotta be popular lah. Then more money donated to charity ma. No votes, no money lor. 

Anyway, whatever. In the future, avoid anything that does with voting lol. Unless I'm Justin Bieber.

The judges this time round were different than the judges during the heat round. I particularly did not like one of the judges this time round. 

He seemed tipsy during the end of the show and he kept cheering on his favorite contestant (who's also my good friend). I think this is strange, judges aren't supposed to be so blatantly obvious. But then again, he's probably drunk. But then again... not at all professional. Egh.

I very bad lah. I think if I got in, I won't be saying all these things lol. What to do. This is called protecting the loser's dignity. Haha.

I'm terrible.

Still, a few of my good friends made it through, so babes if you're seeing this, congrats! Can't wait for the finals :D

PHOTO TIME! Apologize in advance for the blurry pictures. My phone camera sucks at taking pictures in low lighting.

Pecky, me and Anita before make up.

Girl on the left this time is Jiayi, me and Anita with make up and hair done.

Pecky and I.

Pecky and Anita.

Anita and I.

Okay, you're confused aren't you?

Shanel and I. Lovely girl I met on the day itself. She's super friendly.

Tell you a story about my hair that night ah.

I requested for big soft curls. And then my stylist did something to my hair that was NOT big soft curls. They were SMALL TIGHT curls. ...nice... I was horrified. I look like some nerdy dorky goopa loopa. So I spent a good amount of time in the toilet combing out the curls to make them looser. 

And below is the result.

Good thing I asked her to chill with the hairspray. 

Nah, Anita for you one. Lol. Before.

After :)

And then at the end of the show while waiting for the results, we FINALLY got some free time to take pictures.  

My cheongsam :) It's sponsored and free size. So it's not altered to fit which explains why some parts are are loose around my waist.

Ok, I don't wanna put captions anymore. So you just scroll and see the pics lah.

This is Charissa. Also a new friend I made that day. Pretty right?

Heat 2 girls in the semis. Out of the 4 of us, only Anita made it through T__T

Damn blurry lah. What to do. At night. Some more it's outdoor. And I don't want to use flash. Flash is just... bad.

Okay lah, wanna take a nap ad. Wanna write some more but I haven't been getting much sleep past 2 nights.

So adieu :)

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