Monday, January 14, 2013

bar.b.q. plaza & FORUCHIZU

About a few weeks back just before Christmas of 2012, I went to KL with a passion... again. I love KL. I don't live there, so whenever I go there, it's usually to places accessible by public transport. 

So most of the time, I'm spared of KL's famous jams. Unless it's a family vacay, then yeah, I'm stuck in the car which is stuck in the jam.

But other than that, I love the bustling crowd (thank god, I don't have ochlophobia), the freaking gigantic malls, the seemingly never-ending amount of events to go. And just everything that city has to offer... sans the traffic... and moolah, LOTS OF MOOLAH.

I've professed my love for KL way too many times now.


After collecting my Nuffnang prize, Merlin, Angel and I went for some very hassled shopping around the city centre. 

Went to "pick up" Angel from her "headquarters". That was the first time I've ever been to a friend's little rented space. Disregard Genting quarters. Those came in complimentary with the job. And then in a span of the next 2 weeks, I went to 2 other friends' rented rooms in turn. Like attracts like.

So unknowingly, I've gotten the feel of the price with regards to the location and size I can expect for a rented room in KL.

Which is very helpful considering I might be shifting there after studies. It's either KL or Singapore. I hope.

That was us goofing around waiting for Angel to finish prepping.

And then, the trio.

First stop, Times Square. 

Merlin bought the cutest bag there and Angel got this adorable toy plushie for some gift exchange program at her workplace.

And then we headed for some overdue lunch at bar.b.q. plaza! My first time there to that very hyped up place.

Barbecue platter on the left, steamboat platter on the right.

Rice I was not able to finish. 

I always seem to fail to finish my food. Bad. Very bad. Shame on me. Shame.

Then we rushed to Pavillion to drop Angel's plushie toy off at her office.

And now deco time.

Miniature me with... big ice-cream.

Then we hurried our little feet over to KLCC. For FORUCHIZU. We've never been there before, so yeah, our first time there you morons.

It's a brand created by Malaysia's top 2 fashion bloggers, Cheesie and Audrey.

Browse, browse, browse. 

I find the prices there are too pricey. I guess the price range is aimed at working ladies. Not poor students like me. Ah well, incentive for me to get rich.

And we're DONE.

After that Merlin and I ran like crazy to meet family at sentral. We got a scolding because we were late T___T

I'm not really good at ending my posts in a "HAPPY ENDING" kinda way... so, uh...

Signing off,