Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tour around Nuffnang's Office

Was finding something Christmas-y for today's post and I remembered the pile of very Christmas-y pictures I took of Nuffie's office.

So last Friday, I went down to KL to collect my prizes I won for my Veet It Off entry.

The "Tarzan's girlfriend" look that got me 3rd place.

Check out those awesome abs. However non-existent they may be.

Arrived at Nuffnang slash ChurpChurp's Office. And this greeted me. Tell me how many companies have this cute a logo? Disregard Toys r' Us.

And because Christmas at that time was just around the corner, the whole place was so... jingle bell-y and snow-y! Very pretty.

I shall shut up and let your eyes roam freely.

If my failing memory does not fail me, this is the entrance to Churp Churp's office. Birdie = churpchurp. Geddit?

And this would be the Nuffies...um, hideout

At the left side of this "bar" were candy machines. Sweet Charissa gave out A LOT of candies to Mowgli and Boo. That's what little sisters are for. To collect candies for me.

I'm just kidding. 

Fine, I am fifty fifty kidding.

So this is where Nuffies work! I need to work here goddammit.

Check out the "flames". I think they're dying. Still... check out the flames!

If you're wondering, that's Mowgli and Boo. Have you seen the Jungle Book movie? That's how Mowgli looks like.

And Boo is from Monsters Inc.

Sweet and very friendly Charissa presenting me my pressies. She was the one who took my minions and I around the office :)


I swear the Nuffie staff are one of the friendliest people around.

My "Christmas" pressies!!! :) And there's a cheque to go with it. Nice.

This was before I tore off the Swarovski's wrapper. Yes, THE Swarovski. Just because this picture reminds me how queasy inside the car was.


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