Wednesday, December 12, 2012

T-ara's Jiyeon Inspired Eye Make up Look

Started with this.

I look somewhat like Medusa on a bad hair day.

Ya, I know. I betcha you're like this now:

This girl did this to me. 

And then the next morning I woke up with va-va-voom hair.

Kinda. Like in a scary way.

Then I got inspired to try out Jiyeon's winged eye look. You know, that babe from the Korean group T-ara? Dream High 2?

So with my trusty Maybelline Hypersharp liner and a bit of baby pink eyeshadow, I did this:

Ok, and maybe with some Johnsons' baby powder. 

So this is my first attempt at ANY inspired make up look. And I am very well aware that I need to get myself a crayon/pencil liner to tight line my water line. And wear falsies.

But no matter. There can always be another attempt. Anyway, this is not a tutorial but rather... just a look I tried out. 

I'll let the pictures do the talking from here on.

Black and white to show you clearly the shape of the line.

It was a little tricky using only liquid eye liner to get that effect. So the lines are not exactly perfect.

But practice makes perfect!

Nah... this picture can really see my un-lined water line. Sigh.

The picture quality is very grainy. I'm agitated. Mian haeyo... Uh, thats's korean for "I'm sorry". Wtf.

I thought it would've turn out better than this.

Back to the drawing board. 

I'm not particularly good at make up. So I hope to do more looks in the future. Hone my skills and also humor y'all with my mediocre skills.

Still, I hope you liked this look!

So what did you think?

Do drop me a comment if you wanna see more looks or give any feedback!

Oh and happy 12.12.12! If anyone gives a damn.


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