Thursday, December 27, 2012

Paintball and other random shit

So Mr. JB's UM friends came down for the weekend 2 weeks ago. It was fun getting to know them :)

These 2 are JB's roommates. So I ALWAYS hear about them.

And then these 2... I hardly hear about them. Haha.

On Friday we went to play paintball at the new town together with Skinny, Stick and Ah Mun.

It was a painful decision. The "guns" were some VERY mean looking ones. They were big, heavy and loud.

I thought I was going to die.

As I entered the playing arena, it was all Hunger Games, Hunger Games, Hunger Games...

I can only imagine what it's like to actually go to war, like the REAL one. *morbid thoughts*

But after all's been said... was FUN! Because after getting shot the first time, I know how it feels. So the "fear" of not knowing how the pain actually feels like vanished. It stings, but not to the point where I fall to the ground, like dead.

And after multiple hits, I lost all sense of pain. Sorta.

Those bruises and aches are my battle scars. It's still here. On my thigh. After 2 weeks.

But damn did my body ache afterwards.

I talk too much.


The next day, all of us went for dinner at Lung Seng, Tanjung Tualang. Seafood!

When coming back, JB, Kuan and I were discussing about... things.

That made me feel so small. Like this world is filled with boundless opportunities and inspirations. Like there are so many people out there making so much money with only their dreams to guide them.

And I don't know why I'm writing this.

Sudden digressing, I know Christmas is over and all but since I've been a good girl all year long, here goes my Forever Christmas list:


2. Pink Vaio E Series LAPTOP

3. Get BRACES - yes, I know it's been an off and on decision, but I want them now!

4. Go on more outings and event

5. Make up

6. And... and... and... I just realised I can't write my other wishes down here. Too private.

Ok, people. Happy err... last few days of December :)

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  1. One of the best work out you could get – despite the pain, you get all the necessary muscle stretch, and heart pumping. Not to mention the sweat, and of course, the adrenaline.

    Scars? You can never leave the game without any. Some will be there for life.