Sunday, December 30, 2012

My year in 2012

Bought my dream phone

Represented Malaysia in the World Chess Olympiad in Turkey
Link HERE.

Won a blogging contest for the 1st time
Ok, not exactly champ, but still. I won something!
Link HERE.

Attended more events

Experimented with comic blogging - and liked it

and a couple others...

Lost weight- and kept it off
Crossed the 2-year mark with him
Made many new friends with similar interests
Created a Facebook fanpage for this blog
Continued playing chess
Traveled solo - A LOT
Passed F5, 7, 8

Oh, I dug out my 2012 resolution at the start of the year. Here it is:

1. Be POSITIVE! - um... it depends la...
2. Get a goddamn LAPTOP (no less than i5 processor)! - FAIL
3. BLOG more often! - YES

I didn't write down a very long list then. Because I just didn't care. Haha.

Oh, ME at the start of 2012!
 Just had to put that in did you?

Goodbye 2012.

Hoping to achieve greater things next year!

2013 is going to be a blast!

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