Monday, December 17, 2012

I love free beauty samples!

I'm one of those average girls living in an average world with a more than average attraction to freebies.

So today I'll be sharing about some of the many freebies/samples/whatever-you-wanna call-it I've received.

A few weeks ago, I claimed a free trial sample for some kinda Estee Lauder foundation through EL's facebook page.

Ya, just like that. You go search for any free trial samples thingy then submit your details and ta-dah! They issue you a redemption e-mail for you to collect your pressie. Awesome.

I actually managed to redeem my free Estee Lauder foundation sample at Kinta City! I had problems finding the time to go and collect. There's a closing date. But I did in the end babeh!

I learnt a thing or two on how to choose the correct color tone for my skin. The EL assistant was very helpful. And the color scheme wheel is so cool. I want one. Can I? My skin tone surprisingly fell into one of the lighter categories. *stunned silence*


I think my daily skincare routine... is... working... *another stunned silence*

I chose the Light-wear foundation as I have never worn any foundation on my face ever. Never, ever, ever getting back togetherrr...


Light-weight gives a more natural sheen as compared to the Double-wear, which I'm not qualified yet to wear.

Now I'll have a foundation to wear to those big, big punya events! *peace*

And then a few months ago, I joined this small giveaway contest from Street Love. And I was one of the 30 lucky winners to get a taste of Benefit's latest moisturizing range: b.right introductory kit.

Yeah, long over due this one.

The have an emulsion, moisturizer and eye cream. Out of all, I enjoyed the eye cream DA MOST. The emulsion and moisturizer was too heavy for my liking. But the eye cream was good. It's the one on the far left.

Will repurchase it in the future after I'm done with the sample.

I've also recently submitted for a free Hada Labo lotion and Rachel K CC cream sample. Excited!

I've also received some free goodies from the very awesome Angel, who apparently got those goodies FOC too. I LOVE YOU!

Wanna get free beauty samples? Only Beauty is one website you can get free samples. Check them out if you wanna :)

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