Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tutti Frutti

So Merlin and I had our first virgin visit to Tutti Frutti the other day :D

I was never attracted to the idea of paying RM10 for an eenie meenie amount of ice-cream that won't do any good to my body.

But then, it was raining that day, and I was driving around not wanting to go home and study, dead tired from not having enough me-time, so we went to Tutti Frutti. 

I just did not make any sense.

O hai you jerk. 

I shall divert a little. I think about now, other female lifestyle bloggers (the more high class ones lah) would prolly be shrieking about not having any make-up on. 

And then they'll get all flustered and bothered, trying to escape being seen in public bare faced (usually they're either heading to a salon or some beauty workshop). And camwhoring without make-up would always entail doning over-sized sunnies.

Oh my, this sets myself wondering. If Once I get rich/ start going to many events/ move to the city - you get it - would I start wearing make up on a daily basis? Would I fear the public seeing my bare face? Would make up be a necessity and no longer merely a "want"? Would my face be forever be masked by a layer of make up?

... I hope it doesn't come to that. But, make up is addictive once you see the "after" effect.

So plan is, get freaking porcelain skin (which I'm not putting any much effort in) and then when I put on make up, it won't make much of a difference. Then come to a conclusion that make up ain't for me! 

Genius with a hint of stupidity. A very big hint.

When we first arrived at the entrance, to my delight I discovered Tutti Frutti ain't your usual ice-cream. It's FROZEN YOGURT!

Sounds healthy. 
*barges in through glass door*

Ok so, got to the shop, the assistant there gave us the run-down on how the self-service system works and then we got down to business.

Um... it was goood :) Yummy.

We ordered 4 flavours: Chocolate, Original, Strawberry and Apple. My favorite is original and strawberry.

Toppings were: Marshmallows, smarties and that, what ah, colorful-wheel-cereal-forgot-what-its-called.

I took VERY LITTLE toppings because I didn't know how they were going to price them, so better safe than sorry.

But found out in the end that the whole damn cup with all it's fillings are priced by weight. RM5 (or RM5.50- forgot, cilaka) for 100g. Cost us RM11.95. 

It was a pretty big cup. I think it C-cup ah. 

Should've have gotten more toppings.

The marshmallows were disgusting. Haha. No it's just me. I don't like marshmallows in general. But Merlin begs to differ.

So anyway, it's been raining and the weather has been really cold lately. I thought what, shift of the axis ah? Malaysia gonna turn into some 4-season country ah? THE 2012 coming ah?

Then found out it's the monsoon season.


Anyway, I LOVE the weather. I'm a sucker for cold weathers. Not freezing, but cold. If sans rain, it'll be perfect.

Reminds me of Chirstmas on a snowy evening. And "Baby, It's Cold Outside" always starts playing in my head

I really can't stay - But baby it's cold outside 
I've got to go away - But baby it's cold outside 
This evening has been - Been hoping that you'd drop in 
So very nice - I'll hold your hands, they're just like ice

Oh yeah, I cut bangs yesterday. Merlin helped me :D


Take that over-priced salons!

Happy Tuesday! 


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