Thursday, November 1, 2012

Malaysian Youtube Community

Malaysian youths are actually one talented bunch. So yesterday, I stumbled upon a tweet leading me to this video:

Haha! OMG, I LOVE THIS!! Hilarious but... true From The Ming Thing. Check out their channel!

Oh, and the girl is pretty :D For you dudes out there, her name is Charis Ow. Haha.

Then from there, I went on to see other related videos. And I found this of Charis doing a cover.

And sooo many more! There's Dan Khoo, and from what I observe, is the king of um... lovey videos. Suckers for romance, you'll enjoy him. Haha.

And there's also JinnyboyTV. Damn funneh leh their videos!

All this seem shooo fun! All these people creating their hearts out. And their all around my age or maybe a few years older.

Short skits, playing roles, creating videos etc. I've always been interested in doing artsy things like this when I was younger but I've never being exposed to all these stuff during those days due to... circumstances in life. And also because I shy last time. Lolol.

The only artsy thing I can think of that I am still doing until now is..... drawing. Haha. Eh, comic blogging is gaining popularity leh.

Ok, and maybe writing - in an artsy way? No, not poems, god I hate poems. But like um, blogging. And talking.


Hey, it is artsy! Not.

But seriously, without blogging, I... I... I'll.... be writing in a diary. Haha. Only difference is no events to attend and no awesome people to stalk.

Favorite past time: taking part in blogging contests :) Nice what. Some more got prizes to be won. Don't need to find a topic to write about. Teehee.

But s'okay! Life is still young :D :D And I like how things are panning out ;)

Malaysia is actually filled with untapped talents and opportunities abundant if you know where to look.


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