Friday, November 9, 2012

Off to KL!

Jb just came back about 8 hours ago. And I'll be leaving for KL in around 8 hours for the NN Comic Bloggers Gathering.


But imma happy girl. I'm excited to be going and I'll still have him for the next week :)

Plans were only confirmed at the last minute. Just 2 days ago, I decided to cancel my attendance to the gathering.

Transport and the location was a pain in the a**.

But whew, glad everything's settled!

Okay. Sooo... I've seen some of the entries for the gathering. Some of their drawings damn cute leh! And then I look at my own mediocre drawings...

Ah... who cares lah. I go there and "gorek" everyone's secret out.

I'm just joking. I hope I don't pass out or something though.

Ok, going to get some shut eye now :)


  1. gorek secret? XDDD LOL nasib baik my secret tak bocho

  2. Next time I see you, better becareful! I will gorek! Hahahaha!