Friday, November 2, 2012

Nuffnang Comic Bloggers

Hello, my name is Alice  Miyen. 

I used to draw for the Umbrella Corporation since I was a kid.

I remember I was about 10 and I kept this big fat folder of all my drawings. One day, I was very naughty. Naughtier than usual. 

So my dad asked me to throw away one of my drawings. I misunderstood and threw away the whole folder.

Disaster of my childhood.

When I was shifting schools and all, I kept contact with my friends by exchanging letters.

I always loved drawing my friends in my letters. Because they liked them and I enjoyed knowing that.

Then I got older and then we had facebook and all that shizz, and I stopped drawing. Well, I did doodle during my exams and stuff like that la. That was about it.

Then I discovered them below!
The current masters of the comic blogging world.

Don't Like That La Bro - the way I drew him, it looks like I drew a lizard. I'm so sorry T__T
CheeChingy - I drew her like a humongous bobble-head doll. 

I find I'm only good at my own style of drawing.

So I discovered a whole new world to drawing and I've been hyperventilating ever since. I want to know more, MORE!

And to the main point of this entry: why would I want to attend the Comics Bloggers Gathering?

Because I want to. I don't know why. There is this invisible, incredible force in the universe that is compelling me to go. 

So yeah. 


Prolly cuz food is sponsored by CAFFEine


Deadline has been extended until the 6th. So guys, if you really want to meet them masters of the comic blogs but just absolutely DO NOT want to draw, ask your mother to help draw you (mother knows best), scan it in, put it in your blog and you're almost done.

Easy-peasy lemon squeezy.

More info HERE.


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