Monday, November 12, 2012

Last Wednesday's Yumcha Session

 Oh hi people! 

I'm feeling goooood. Cracks spinal cord and back bone. Ouch. 

So here's another picture heavy post from last week's hangout with Angel. What's new? 

We hung out at Ori Cafe.

I think the deco is like really pretty. Like REALLY PRETTY. Like I could copy some ideas from this place for my wedding in like, 6 years. Like yeah.


Chrysanthemum's on the frigging table people!

I think the theme is "pretty outdoor floral country-like garden thingy".

Oh yeah.

And me! Looks like I put make up on my eyes right? Right??? You had better say right. 

I look like a hamster peering through her glass cage :3

It's the contacts - they sure do make a difference. Vivian brand, frigging big diameter (to me lah) and BLUE

Ok, when I first bought it, I bought it on a wimp. Never actually thought I'd wear them out cuz they're like, blue. I'm no Xiaxue.

But then I ran out of contacts to wear and I didn't want to go spend another RM50. And then I remembered these blue babies.

So I was like, aiya just wear lah. Let people judge lah. But when I put them on, damn nice leh..!

Self-praise is no praise. 

But really, it was not that doll-ish lah. I think lah. I dunno lah. But I loved it! *grins*

Angel with her Iced Mocha~

 Milk tea kopitiam-style. 

The food! The glorious food! But all Angel's one although she forced me to down those nuggets and fries. *stares at her* Got see my pimples or not??


Stole this picture from Angel's site.

Oh *smiles awkwardly*

Obligatory "us" photo :)

I like my scrawny-looking legs here. Cuz they hardly ever look scrawny. And when they look scrawny, that's when you know you've hit the jackpot.

And real tortoises. I think for fengshui purposes?  

Angel's gorgeous self-made curls :3

Awkward OOTD!

I guess we were trying to get that street-style, china-town shot. Woots~!

Pic stolen from HERE.

Me with that elegant pose of mine. Just beautiful. Gorgeous.

Last 2 pics below steal from her blog

And I think that's a wrap kiddos! 



  1. Pretty miyen, hahahaha!! Like the milk tea pose. =S

  2. Lol. Thank you pretty girl ;) Teehee :D