Monday, October 1, 2012

Wake me up when September ends

Hello October.

Ask me how's life.

"How's life?"

*ahem* Well...

Lately, I've been blindly applying for all kinds of jobs I can land my grubby little hands on. I just pile them on. They (the "recruitment agents" - I guesso) haven't replied yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Since my exams are in 2 months time, I'm only interested in those 2-4 day event jobs.

I think I have to invest in a good pair of black heels. Because it seems that's the dress shoe code for almost every job I've applied for.

And I don't have the most extensive shoe collection around.

(Update: Prolly not gonna work until exams are over because I'm behind schedule in studies and I don't trust my discipline level. Har-har.)

Then after my exams, I'll probably look for a longer-term job. Because like, my piggy bank has been starving for some time now.

And I'm at this stage where I realize I want, yearn to explore and try so many things in life - the best thing is at this age, I have the freedom to do whatever I like and go wherever I want, because... I'm old enough. I am hipster :D *peace sign*

But, uh... ya' know what they say.

When you're young, you have all the time in the world but no money. When you're old more matured, you have that pile of money sitting with you but no time.

THAT... shall not happen to me. I'm going to fill up that little piggy bank of mine. And after that's filled up, I shall... fill up another one.

That's what I call a plan.

I shall now violently digress.

Last Saturday, went on a day/date trip to KL. PICCHAS!

Stopped by KL Open (renamed to some reallyyy long name) to see my dad and stick who are playing.

Then met up with Jb and proceeded to grab some breakfast at Petaling street. 

I've been bugging him to take me around UM - tempat dia belajar lah - for over a year, and finally this time I got a chance to tour UM :D

Waiting for him to get the motorbike. I was in a pondok fyi.

No pictures (except the above irrelevant pics) but suffice to say, UM is bloody huge. Nuff' said.

Then we headed over to MidValley by a 10-minute taxi ride.

We thought of going to Times Square but then decided otherwise as from UM, we had to take the monorail all the way back to Pasar Seni, and from there hop on the LRT to Times Square - which would take a heck of a time.

Anyways, we saw Resident Evil: Retribution! Milla Jovovich is so dang cool. Amazing how she has managed to carry the series all by her own all these years. 8 and counting.

Ada Wong - played by Li Bing Bing - is effing hot. I am so proud to be asian.

We also pergi makan at PappaRich which is located inside The Gardens.

"WTF. Your papa really needs to be rich to eat here lah."

My drink (soya + cincau) set me back RM6.50. Kampar can get for RM0.50. Nicer some more. Tsk, tsk.

My kai si hor fun was good. His curry mee was okay - according to him lah. Each bowl is about RM11. F***

In Kampar, would cost us about RM4 each.

I shall stop comparing and being so bias. After all, we're also paying for the ambience *smiles awkwardly*

Oh, oh I also found my DREAM laptop in the Vaio outlet at MidValley. Vaio, pink, E Series - No surprise.

Damn, so so so beautiful.

So cotton candy pink...

The price displayed was RM2299. Specs not bad for my kind of usage. I think I'll be able to get a lower price in Lowyat. But still - RM2299 a reasonable target to achieve :)

Okay, ba da bing, ba da bong, back in Kampar.

Oh yes, last night was the Mid-Autumn Festival. Did you enjoy it? I enjoyed mine :) Saw so many floating lanterns at Westlake. So purtyyy... Romantic sial! Sigh...

Random: I'll be changing my blog background soon. I beh tahan the stripes.

Okay lah, I'm gonna cut the crap and shove my head back into Taxation.


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