Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Veet It Off with Nuffnang!

This entry below is for a Nuffnang Contest in conjunction with the 'Veet it Off' Contest: how Veet gives you soft and smooth skin that brings out the confidence in you.

This is a story of how a I transformed from a  hairy recluse with glasses to a fairytale princess - all thanks to VEET. A true story, just told in a... different way.

Once upon a time, in this faraway land... somewhere far, far away... there lived a sullen maiden - ME.

You see, this maiden is a complete NERD. DORK. Whatever you wanna call her - trapped in a tall castle with no knowledge of the outside world.


And then she grew up. And she ventured out to the world. And then she saw these beautiful beings (humans actually, but I she wouldn't know right?). Their skin was shining - radiant and smooth.

And she looked down at her own - her armpits unshaven, legs hairy, facial hair...

Sigh... How lah?

One day, there came a royal invitation from the palace. There would be a Fairytale Ball at the palace. Oh how the maiden yearned to go. But woe were her hairy legs and hairy armpits.


How could she face prince charming like that?

She had no confidence.

She wouldn't be able to dance - oh no, that would mean lifting up her arms. She wouldn't be able to wear short skirts - oh no, that would mean showing off her hairy legs. She wouldn't be able to even share a kiss with the handsome prince - oh no, that would mean the prince being able to see her facial hair.


As she lay crying beside the fireplace....suddenly... lots of little Fairy VEETs came fluttering by! Dressed in maroon, pink, green and blue!

So many! What should maiden choose?


In the end, she settled for Fairy Hair Removal Cream and Fairy Wax Strips in PINK

Veet Hair Removal Cream in Lotus Milk & Jasmine

Veet Wax Strips with Shea Butter & Berry

So they waved their magic wands... and magic happened.

From this... (why am I putting up this picture again?)

 ...with the help of some good ol' Veet cream... 

... to this!

Maiden now had SMOOTH, SILKY, FLAWLESS skin! She couldn't believe her eyes! Her skin felt so... velvety. She was bursting with new-found CONFIDENCE.

Le maiden can now wear tank tops and mini skirts - and swing her arms in the air, and wave it like she just don't care.

Especially the armpit area. I think the armpit area is the most important part for a girl to NOT have like bushy hair growing out of that pit. So obvious that area...

Shavers are okay, but the regrowth can be a pain in the ass. That's why I thank the sweet lord I have these Veet wax strips for me pits:

My freaking life savers.

Yay! I can now go impress people with my hairless pits sexy dresses. 

And I always thought I had extra facial hair - like on my upper lips. But with VEET Wax Strips, hair as short as 2mm can get lost! :D

Maiden iz happy:)

For more information on the best way to use Veet, play the videos below.

Back to the story.

But then... she had no clothes to wear. She searched her tall castle only to find this sack of old clothes:

And she found these pieces of clothes fit to go to.... the market.

How was she supposed to impress the prince with... THAT?

But this maiden was a kind soul. She was friends with the mice, birds, dogs, elephants etc.

Say hello to Minnie Mouse and... Pluto :)

And with the help of needles and threads - and A LOT of backache and neckache....

She transformed her shirt in 1, 2, 3 steps :)

No joke okay, took the whole frigging afternoon AND evening to do... Good thing I had some of Merlin's help. If not, I seriously think I'd given up. Haha.

But the whole process was worth it. Look! 


Ready for some arm-raising and smooching! Haha. Eh got notice my hair-free legs not? *wink*wink*

I cut the bottom of the top (the BOTTOM of the TOP. Lolol) and braided them. Then I inserted beads at the end of each braid.

I also sewed on a ribbon (using some patterned cloth I did not want anymore).

For the skirt, I tried doing a high-low skirt. But the skirt was not that long to begin with (I don't have any maxi skirts!), so it was tricky. But I think I did ok. I also tied a loose green string around my waist.

As a finishing touch, I cut the sleeves and tied it using leftover cloth. DONE! 

Maiden iz happy. Again :) All this only possible with VEET. For no Veet, no skin baring.

So the maiden went to the ball, had the time of her life, blew prince charming off his feet and lived happily ever after :)

Disclaimer: Pictures above have not been photoshopped.
For all Nuffnangers, today's the last day to submit your entry for the Veet it Off contest. So hurry! Submit it by 5pm :D

The prizes are really awesome. Have a look HERE.

For more information on Veet products and what not, head over to VeetMalaysia.





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