Thursday, October 4, 2012

This Girl Likes to Draw integration

My title sounds damn... scientific lah.

If you read the latest  announcement in my comic blog, This Girl Likes To Draw, you'd know that I'll be integrating all my drawings from that blog into this blog, and then I'll be shutting down that blog.

It was a hard decision. But a decision nonetheless.

That's because it was tough juggling 2 blogs. And doodling is not something I (yes, not you with all the latest digital technology) can do on a frequent basis - because my neck pain.

Excuses are my strong point. *ahem*

So that means that during the next one week, my past drawings will be popping up in this blog periodically. That also means that I don't need to think of anything new to write to fill up the doldrum because I know I don't have a happening life, especially when exams are near. Sad lol.

I'm a genius.

Anyways first drawing of the day.

You know how female bloggers have their OOTD (outfit of the day) or LOTD (look of the day). For me, I have DOTD (doodle of the day) #PWNED At least until all my past drawings are used up.


(Update: All doodles are hand drawn by me)

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