Wednesday, October 3, 2012

#Churpout & #macaroons

Ohaiyo! This is a short study-break post before I get back to drilling my brain in... about 30 minutes more. Which means this post is irrelevant to the development of your intellect.  

I've been seeing pictures of macaroons everywhere. I mean, what the hell... how do they even taste like? And then I started googling macaroons and all these omg lovely pictures started popping up.

#macaroons are farking pretty okay. Agh! Macaroons, the new cupcakes.

So colorfully adorable!!! I really don't know what else to say. Where to buy ah?

While I'm here might as well announce this upcoming #ChurpOut event happening at Publika this month!

Date : October 13th 2012 (Saturday) 
Venue : Publika Square 
Time : 11AM - 10PM 

Many well-known bloggers will also be participating! Cheesie, fourfeetnine, Chuckei, Hanis Zalikha , Cindy Tei etc.

And... they'll be setting up shop to sell their clothes too! So nice one T__T Please hold more of these kinds of events churpchurp!!!

But ah... I don't know whether I'll be going due to "some" reasons lah. Sigh, my heart is aching...

Oh and just one more thing, check out the Churpchurp campaign I'm currently sharing below! Because like, Sony Ericsson X8 was my first ever smart phone. So yeah - like that's gonna mean anything.

The Sony #XperiaIon has everything you’ll need – a fast 12MP camera, cool WALKMAN app and a razor sharp display too! Click: SonyXperiaIon to find out more :D

Looks not bad ah. Reminds me of my S2 baby. And 12MP!! For all those camho fans out there, this is actually something ;)

So click!

Ok, goodbye.


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  1. Be careful not to toast your brain in the process..:P You sure you don't wanna go??