Monday, October 15, 2012

My #ChurpOut 2012 experience

#ChurpOut 2012 was held at Publika Solaris Dutamas.

I can't believe it. I actually went! Haha!

Put big a** piccha of myself first.

*ahem* Ok, so this is my first ever "blogger" event. It was so cool. I didn't know anybody there except well, my friends who accompanied me there. But still... so cool :)

So blah blah, met up with Jb, Angel and her friend in KL, blah blah, raining cats and dogs, blah blah, got lost, blah blah, squealed like a girl when we finally saw Publika, blah blah, squealed even more when we spotted the bazaar smack in the center of the mall.

This is the registration counter where you can get your ChurpChurp goody bag! :D A goody bag it was ;)

Mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, auntie all come. But it may be a good idea not to let your teenager rummage through the goody bag in front of you. I mean if you're a parent.

Because like Durex is one of the sponsors of the event. And Durex is like a dom dom company. So yeah... awkward.

Spot Audrey and Cheesie! Yes, they set up stall together selling both their individual clothes and Foruchizu's.

Omigosh... it was like the most surreal thing seeing them in real life! They were like living dolls! #starstruck

I think Angel took this picture of them (which then appeared on Aud's blog). Angel, you lucky girl!

We arrived there at about 1pm. The bazaar starts at 11am, but from what I heard (and read), there were already flocks of people coming in as early as 10 am. So all the really good stuffs were snatched up in an hour or two T__T

Angel wanted to get Cheesie's Candydoll makeup but no such luck :( All sold out. I mean something that originally cost RM55+ selling as cheap as RM10, you have got to be there like real early.

First come first serve. But fret not!

Excerpt from Audrey's blog:

Foruchizu will have a popup store from 30 November onwards for the whole month of December at Isetan KLCC! The collaboration will feature items (including tops, skirts, dresses, outerwear, etc.) which have been personally selected or design dictated by Audrey and Cheesie based on their own tastes.

Oh wee! Although I'm expecting their prices to be the normal retail prices, but still - wee!

They inspire me T_T

Another stall by Hanis Zalikha just next to Aud and Cheesie's stall.

Hanis is the one sitting down in blue. I think she was one of the contestants from the Malaysian Dream Girls' contest? I'm not sure.

Jane Chuck's stall!

Cheesie from Cheeserland

She's is mad gorgeous! Nuff' said.

I really need to learn make-up.

Audrey from fourfeetnine

She's so pretty and cute. And for a married woman, she looks fricking young lor. Being petite helps I think.

Have I told you I love, love, loved her wedding theme?

Jane Chuck from Chuckei

This lady girl is like a model! She's so tall and her hair is like near perfection T__T She's also really nice.

The outdoor arena where they had stage performances, funfair-like games, dunk n' draw, blah blah.

On that day, it was raining, so I think the mood was slightly dampened as everybody had to huddle under the tents. But it got better during the later part of the day.

Saw Chee Ching from Cheechingy. Her blog is a pretty popular comic-blog. There she is drawing caricatures of people using the newly-launched Samsung Note II!

This is Miao & WafuPafu from Akiraceo. So yes, you can already guess that I'm at the comic bloggers' section. There were more comic bloggers spotted but they all seemed so busy talking to friends and manning their respective stalls. So I didn't approach them.

I understand that the picture is aligned sideways. But I am simply too lazy to do anything about it.

Spot Dan Khoo! Yes, he's the one with the beanie cap :)

For lunch, we had Fatboy's burgers.

Both of us ordered Chicken Caesar. We did not know it came with a side dish of fries. So we ordered a side order of french fries to accompany our burgers.

Boy, were their servings HUGE. Damn huge. Biatch... Portion-wise, thumbs up. Taste-wise, um... not that fantastic.

Yep, that's my leftover fries. Can see how big each piece is or not? The black plate was the extra side order of fries I stupidly ordered T___T

Pineapple juice.

Random deco in Publika. Mooo..

These are cakes. Made of soap. Har-har.

Oh and cupcakes... made of soap too.

Entrance to Publika. 

Angel and her friend had to leave early. So Jb and I went back later in a taxi to KL Sentral. Actually hor, before this I was searching the net on how to get to Publika myself. And a headache it was! Because it seems that the place is relatively new and there's not much of a public transport system around that area.

But now I know that I can take the taxi from KL Sentral to Publika. It's like a 10 to 15 minute ride and cost about RM8-9. I think it's pretty reasonable lah. Especially if I'm coming with a friend or friends, then the fare can be further split among us.

And next time if there's any event starting in the morning, don't take the bus! I mean if you're a Kamparian lah. Cuz like the earliest bus is at 8.30am. And you know buses. Sure guarantee cannot get there on time one. 

Take the train! Better early than late. 

Oh, oh. Wanna see my Churp Churp haul? I bought 3 pieces of clothes only from Cheesie's stall. Cuz I like.

Pink ribbon tank top. RM5 :) Shorts my own.

I actually wore her shirt back to Kampar. I sound like a... pervert T__T

Mint green polka dot top. Cute! Shorts also my own.

Also RM5! They're going really cheap cuz they're all Cheesie's pre-loved clothings.

Wanted to buy this cute pink top ever since I first set eyes on it in Cheesie's blog :D Wish just came true. *pumps fist* This is new so it cost me RM30.

Okay, okay, I copied Cheesie's style. But what to do lorh. It did turn out nice :P

Skirt no need to say lah. Fine, my own.

Ok done. Damn, took 2 days to complete this frigging post. Better appreciate it I tell ya.

So how was your Churpout 2012 experience??

Last piccha before I hit publish!

Can't wait to see you again... :)


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