Friday, October 26, 2012

Feel good weekend

So last weekend, he came back. And we had fun. 


Hahahahaha. That sounded wrong man. 

Anyway random selca picture. Why am I using "selca"? Too much Chuckei.

More weekend picchas.

Hello Miki :) And hello dark eye bags!

Say hello to Ah Mun :) I sorta helped her get ready for Pei Yuan's prom night. Seeing her in that blue prom dress, make up and hair all done up, made me feel like going to prom!!! I've never been to prom my entire life... not yet. Sue me.

On Saturday, Jb and I went on a family day trip to Ipoh. First stop was dim sum at this restaurant near Foh San - cuz like Foh San wasn't open. The dim sum there was... really good. I don't know, like just really good alright? No picture, just... just imagine okay?

We ordered 3 types of har gow (prawn dumplings), har kun (something like prawn spring rolls?? dunno how to spell), chee cheong fun, siu mai, spring rolls, egg tarts, pai guat and god knows what else.

Then later headed to a chinese temple in Ipoh in conjunction with Kau Wong Yeh (Nine Emperors' Festival). The place there was jam-packed filled and with lots of smoke from the joss sticks. We all walked in and prayed, la dee li, la dee la, got a fu, done. 

After that went to Aeon Station 18 for some shoppiiinnngg :D Jb really wanted to buy me a dress but then I was like "No, no, no, save your money you moron. You're still a kid." 

Ok, it didn't exactly go that way, but you get the idea. But really lor, both of us spent shit loads during the past weeks already. So yeah.

So instead I asked him to treat me to something cheaper - pastries from La Boheme. See, you're one lucky bugger to have a cheapskate as your girlfriend XD

Yup, them pastries. I love pastries actually. I prefer them to diamonds.


Ok, maybe I take that back.

Anyway we walked around and I find that... I want to buy many things. Haha. That was surprising.

I look like an Ah poh... but no matter cuz Ah Yang looks cute here! 

These two little... mice. Cannot sit still XP

Taking a picture of the food court at Station 18 while waiting for him to get us some good grub.

Oh, and my OOTD

Yes, my first friggin OOTD. Lolol.

Not the most elegant ensemble, but YAY for "OOTD" :D

For you fashion noobs, OOTD means outfit of the day.

Then later that night, went to a seafood restaurant in Tanjung Tualang. I think it was called Yau Kew. I'm not sure. I just glanced at the headboard and went in. I knew it sounded something like Yau Kee (like the Yau Kee in Kampar, geddit?)

The seafood was yummeh~ The fish was fresh, the prawns succulent. But the crabs were my favorite of the lot!

Thanks to Ah Fung kor - we had some delicious ice-cream cake in honour of auntie's birthday. Ice-cream cake is sooo much more easier to take in compared to regular cake. Especially after a heavy meal.

Eh shit la, forgot to bluetooth the group picture taken there from Ah Mun's phone.

On Sunday, Jb and I had late lunch at 大家姐. I was craving for the tom yam pan mee that Angel introduced to me. Quite delish actually :)

Fried dumplings as a side order - RM4.50

Tom yam pan mee - RM4.50... ya? Haha. I mildly forgot...

It was raining so we went for 2 games of snooker at Uncle 2... and then my shirt got all cigarette-smoke-filled. Anyway, that's not the point. The point is, there were these 2 young malay boys - about 15, 16 years of age? - playing snooker nearby. So after we finished, we watched them play (since it was still raining). 

Man, they were freaking good I tell you. 

Their sticks were like an extension of their arms, and it's like second nature for them to get in the ball. Ya, they shoot them in like nobody's business. I think each game only took them about 10 to 15 minutes. I think they must play something like 4 times a week. I was... in awe. 

And achievement of the week - he smiled while camwhoring with me :) Wee :P

Oh, oh... NEWS!

Angel has just entered into this Halloween Contest organised by Colours Cosmetics Malaysia.

This is her entry photo.

I LOVE this look! Gurl... I really think you have a good chance at snagging this! :D

Please support her by liking Colours Cosmetics Malaysia page and then liking her photo HERE.

Thank you loves! :)


Update: This weekend is going to be another lovely weekend. Admist my Resident Evil fan girl craze and arguments on whether Alice lost her power in Resident Evil 4 (which I won), it's still going to be... lovely.

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