Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dreaming my dream place

A few nights ago, I had this dream where I was in this really beautiful hotel-like-condo. And then blah blah blah... you should not know... blah blah blah.

Sooo... when I woke up, I started day-dreaming about how my future place would look like.

I mean, it's not like I'm still 16.

I think this has go to to with me harboring thoughts of finding a place of my own in KL recently. I have one more year to go with my studies and then I'm off to work in the city centre - so the dream isn't that far off anymore.

I want my own little apartment - may move in with someone since I'm afraid of being alone. Maybe my boyfriend. Tsk, tsk.

And then I started scouring Pinterest for ideas for my future living quarters. And then I started saving the images on my computer. And then I proceeded to write about my dream home and adding all the images here.

And then it started feeling like a chore. And it started to get boring. So I deleted all the images and half of this post and started writing this nonsense. *claps* *claps*

But really lor... I can't wait :D Wee~ One more thing is that I really miss city life T__T Not that I don't like this very... um... peaceful town life. But uh... hey that's not true! Not peaceful because of my UGH... little sisters. They are like AN EARTHQUAKE!!!

So what was the point of this post? Oh yes, Mowgli - that's my 7 year old sister - is soooooo... ugrh. It's like she CAN'T stop moving. She's like bzzzz bzzzz bzzzz all the time. Cannot stand still. She beside me also like goyang goyang goyang. I feel nauseous around her. You know when you're in the car and you're travelling up the windy road to Taiping? Mowgli's like the windy road! Gah... Why she cannot stand still one?


Oh my god, mother has finally come down and Mowgli has finally - in all her mobility - gone to the kitchen with my mother. Yes.

Okay lah, to be fair... little sisters are fun - but not when you find powder all over your room, books everything! Or them pulling and climbing all over you when you're studying. Other than that, they're the party starters. *grins*

Sorry for this very sh*tty post. I've been having writer's block. Gah... Inspiration, get your a** over here.

Looking forward to the rest of the week! And anyone of you going to Churpout 2012? Because I know I am :)  Weee~

If you are, make sure you reserve a spot on their facebook page. Cuz the first 1000 RSVPs will get a free goodie bag. How you collect it, I don't know. But that's what they say lah. Nothing to lose anyway what.

Ok, gtg!



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