Friday, September 21, 2012

World Chess Olympiad 2012: Part 2

Part 1 HERE.

One thing about Turkey is the girls and I loved gallivanting down to Armoni Park, a shopping complex which is about a 15-minute walk from the hotel.

Never bothered taking picture of that place. But then THIS caught our eye.

Biber! Geddit, geddit? That's chilli in Turkish. And yeah, we were in the grocery section. Problem?

Along the way, there would be side shops where we would buy cheap clothes and accessories.

I think I've walked to and fro Armoni Park at least 5 times already 0.o And no, I was not stalking some hot guy living there. I just like walking. And one other thing is the weather there. It's like Cameron Highlands. Sooo refreshing!

Before embarking on one of our numerous walks to Carrefour. Har-har.

One of the highlights of the non-tournament times (for the lack of something better to say) was the Bermuda Party - held on the night before the first free day of the tournament for players to let loose and have fun.

Indonesian girls are hot. 'Nuff said.

Citra and I~!

After the party.

The next day - on the first free day - we went touring around Istanbul. Entrance to Hagia Sofea museum cost 25 turkey lira. That's like RM43. I decided not to go in as I was on a budget... I always seem to be on a budget. Dang.

The scenery around that place was BEAUUTIFULL~


Camilia and I! :)

Okay la, I think I'm getting nauseous looking at my face. But no matter... MORE! Rawr!!!

Then later we toured the area around the Grand Bazaar. What was that place called again? Dunno. All I knew was that part was the more atas place in Istanbul where many tourist flocked to, there were trams passing through the streets every once in a while, lots of food stalls littering the side walks, parks, fountains and where prices were jacked up compared to other... non-tourist-y places.

We also celebrated Camilia and Li Ting's birthdays together which also fell during the Olympiad. Their birthdays are only 3 days apart - one on the 5th of September and the other on the 8th. 

Mine fell after the Olympiad - on the 14th - so tak dapat celebrate :( 

But oh well, September babies rock! Hee.

I guess this was the part where we were all singing "Happy Birthday". 

 On one of my rest days, I accompanied Kak Linda to the Blue Mosque. It was really pretty. The ambience in the compound was very soothing and peaceful and the feeling of the soft wind blowing through my hair... damn romantic okay?

Okay. I find my vocabulary very limited.

Compound of the Blue Mosque.

So this was what I was left after that little tour/trip/whatever you wanna call it.

And my small haul from Turkey

The tops cost me 5 Turkey lira (about RM8.50) each. And the bracelets I bought were like 1 lira (RM1.70) each! Woot! So cheap leh. I think I can be the next budget barbie. Haha. No serious. 

*ahem* The flower band cost me 6 lira (do the freaking maths yourself), not THAT cheap but it's pretty!!! And as a tourist, it is my duty to buy flower bands. 


The rest were souvenirs from my opponents from Canada, UAE, Japan, Bolivia and... oh shit, I forgot.


Breakfast (usually we'd eat at 7.30am to 8.00am) was almost always sausage, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, bread with butter/cream cheese/honey/sugar, cereals and fruits. At least those would be what filled my platter every morning.

After that off we went for a 2-hour intensive prep with Sir Peter.

Lunch (12.30pm) consisted of soup (my favorite being mushroom soup - I'm so predictable), rice/pasta, chicken, fish, meatballs, cauliflower/broccoli, lots of salad and a host of other dishes which I'm too lazy to recall. Lalala...

Dinner, something like lunch la. But the food were more... dinner-ish. Oh I suck at being a food blogger. Food isn't my strong point.

BUT! I do know that Malaysia is still my FAVORITE food destination. Food in Malaysia rocks my socks! :) Nothing can beat that.

Anyway, I felt a bit sore I had to leave Istanbul because I was in love with...













MY DELICIOUS-LY DELICIOUS BED!!! Oh, how I've missed you baby.

No kidding ok, dunno why their beds damn SOFT and pillows damn FLUFFY! Ergh...

Okay lah, my back pain ad. Post gonna end soon. So the below picture was a picture at the airport - yes, we were going back to Malaysia already. T___T

So I return to Malaysia with a heavy heart knowing... I have to key in my games. Haha. Okay la, I enjoy keying in my games. It's like watching yourself on TV. I know. Weird.

Oh, and returning to Malaysia also means I return to society and civilisation which means - I need to study.

This picture reminds me I still have to finish 3 more pages to complete a days' quota. And I need to freaking sleep already cuz my skin needs the rest so bad. Just SO bad.

Ok abrupt end.

(p.s. Will update anything I've missed when I remember)

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