Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review: A Singapore Love Story by Low Kay Hwa

Today I am doing a review on a sponsored Singaporean best-seller novel by Low Kay Hwa: A Singapore Love Story. Thank you Mr Low! Truly honored :)

The cover and the short summary at the back of the book made it seem like your typical romance novel, but...

One word: MIND-BLOWING! Ok, that was 2 words. But I am not even freaking kidding you. For only 128-pages, this little love story sure did pack a whole load of punch. I did not expect such a big impact on me... and my outlook of love.

It's about a couple's love for each other, faced with the harsh realities of life and how they fight to be together... even when death do them part.

I finished the book in 2 days because I did not have the privilege of time to finish the book within a day. I was hooked on to the very first page (yes, the very first page). And after turning to the last page of the story, only did I realize I was tricked.

Oh man, you have got to read this book I tell ya.

The first half got me really relating the characters' story to MY own story. It made me grateful that my reality isn't as cruel as what was portrayed. And yes, I admit the strings of my heart were tugged at times. Many times.

And as the story tapered suddenly through the second half, that's where things got stranger and more exciting.

The narration is simple and clean, the title direct and to-the point; but the impact it left was... bewildering. I liked how it started off so simply and tastefully local, for Singapore is but our neighbour - I could not help but giggle at how realistic the story was to real life: the slang, the jokes, the atmosphere in general.

Watch out for the ending! Unexpected! I personally felt it was good - as in the creative, tricky kinda good - but my sister was begging for a Cinderella kinda happy ending. To each their own lah.

"A Singpore Love Story"  - your typical love story with a very, very sharp twist to it - will be expected to be available in Malaysia soon. When? I do not know. I said soon lah. Aiyo.

But this book got to the best-seller list in Singapore so surely it will be worth your cents.

All I know is that this book is definitely... a must-read :)


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