Wednesday, September 19, 2012



"NuffnangX is a free mobile application available on both the Android and iOS platforms enabling users to find, follow, and communicate with bloggers easily and swiftly on the go."

NuffnangX is now officially live! It was launched on the 18th lah, but its still officially out from now onwards. Which means my bombastic sentence above will forever be valid.

Ok, skip it.

It's an awesome mobile-app that helps you keep tab of your favorite blogs. Much like instagram, you get to interact with other bloggers by liking and commenting on their blog posts on the go - making connecting with and um... stalking them so much more personal and fun :D

Also, reading blogs on your mobile is made simpler because NuffnangX shrinks blog contents into a more mobile-friendly screen size.

And there's this NuffnangX feed that makes tracking blogs that have been updated way more easier akin to your Facebook newsfeed.

Do check out their website HERE. Once I received the news of its launch on twitter, I immediately downloaded NuffnangX through my android PlayStore.

Screenshot of my feed:

And um... yeah, I followed myself... -oh, look a butterfly!

I'm following more blogs now so the above isn't the most current. But as can be seen from the screen shot, the 2 first blogs I followed (other than my own. psh...) - foufeetnine and SOAPZ - are my current 2 favorite respective Malaysian and Singaporean blogs.

At times like this, I sooo cherish my S2 Android phone :) *cries tears of joy*

But do note that to claim your blog, you will have to manually go to their NuffnangX website stated above and not through their mobile app.

If you noticed at the bottom of my posts, my comment section has been integrated with NuffnangX's conversation.So when you comment on my blog from your mobile-app, it appears here too! Cool not? Cool leh.

On an end note - Blogging rocks! Wooo!


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