Sunday, September 16, 2012

My birthday and other news

So yesterday was my sweet 16th birthday. Nyehehehe. Ok, fine it was my 21st birthday. I feel so legal now! Whoop whoop! Like I can do anything and not get arrested. Okay, maybe that was stretching it too much.

It was... a sweet one :)

I've been meaning to buy a bag after Turkey, but then Angel surprised me with this early birthday present! Thank you :)

This was 10 minutes after 12am and I didn't see it coming... *loves*

Oh and just yesterday, I received "A Singapore Love Story" through the mail. Even though it was "expected", it still came as a surprise! There's a story behind it but will blog more about this book later ;)

Holy-moly cute earrings given by mummy. Too cute couldn't resist posting it up!


I like writing about my life. It's a kind of therapy. When you write something down - to be exposed to public scrutiny - you tend to prettify everything, be it yourself, your surroundings, anything. And I automatically bathe my life in a positive light. 

Now isn't that nice?


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  1. Namo Amitabha, hi Miyen, happy birthday Miyen. Who gave you the pink bag? You're so young because i'm nearly three times your age, i were born in 1969. I don't know why i cannot post comments on other Brogme girls blog? Visit my website for wise Dharma teachings: