Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Material Wishlist

Hey guys! I'm back in Malaysia! It was an 11-hour flight from Turkey (including transit in Singapore) with a 5 hour difference between both countries. 

Still a bit jet-lagged, still a bit woozy even after sleeping for 6 hours straight once reaching home... but when you're in front of the computer nothing else matters. 

I've got tonnes of pictures (not mine lah, just copy from other people) from my recent World Chess Olympiad in Turkey and I'll be needing some time to sort them out. So, I'll not be blogging about it now.

Anyways, as per the title, I have SO many things I want to get. I've listed them out below:

1. PINK travel luggage bag. Heh.

I intend to go travelling more often. And pink luggage bags are just cute. Period.

Maybe not so frilly. But you get the idea.

2. PINK laptop.

Vaio designs are so sleek and their shades of pinks arebeautiful! But Vaio prices are... well, less affordable.

3. Dye my hair. Again.

Yes, I did dye my virgin hair about a month back. It was DIY and experimental. I used Liese Bubble Hair Color in Milk Tea Brown.

But the color was very, very subtle, and only noticeable under sunlight. So I did not bother blogging about barely-there hair color. I think I did not leave the foam in for long enough, considering I had very black hair to start off with.

Anyway, I'm going for another round at it, now that I know what to expect. Maybe in another color perhaps. We'll see.

4. More clothes!

Okay, I know, very general. After returning from Turkey, I've learned to appreciate how awesome clothes in Malaysia are. We have A LOT of variety at very good prices actually. 

Random: I'm in love with high-waisted shorts!

Conclusion: I need to earn/win/save/steal money!


Sigh, I can't believe time in Istanbul is OVER T_T Damn sad ok?

The past 16 days seemed to pass all too quickly. I'm determined to go for the next Olympiad in NORWAY 2 years from now!

This trip has made me think of a lot of things. I'm still young and things, feelings that I thought would last forever, is changing.

I don't know whether what I feel now will carry on and affect my future. I guess only once the storm calms, will I actually know what I want. And whether my universe has other plans in store for me, I honestly don't know. So things would either remain the same or... well, we'll see.

But surely, 'tis a sign.

Have a goodnight everyone! xoxo


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