Thursday, September 27, 2012

KFC shots + Vivi September Issue

So the other day I went horsing around town with Angel. This is her more colorful account of what happened that day which included a pervertic encounter 0.o

Read HERE.

Anyways... here are some shots of us in KFC.

I love KFC. So much...

We were both wearing mustard colored shorts and I nearly wore a tank top, but decided against it as I was going to be walking back later... alone. That is why I need my boyfriend. So I can wear as scantily as possible.

That was a joke.

We also each bought Vivi mags! *love*

I *ahem* am a Japanese-fashion convert.

While waiting for Angel to order food.

Fried chicken, freaking glorious fried chicken.

Vivi's latest September Issue.

This is my second Vivi purchase and so far, I am liking what I see :D

One thing that attracted me to this month's issue was Cheesie from Cheeserland!

Oh my god, if I can live my life like her - travelling FREE, clothes SPONSORED, advertisements and publicity rolling in BIG TIME, NEW fashion line - I would have nearly achieved nirvana. Nearly.

Come to think of it, her "main" job is blogging. That is so... very nice.

I'm not familiar with Japanese models. But this girl - Arisa Yagi - caught my eye. Me thinks she's veli pretty and veli cute and veli fresh.

I like her hair btw. It looks very achievable and low-maintenance because there're no perms and her hair is dark. Which I like because I'm natural and risk-avert like that.

Mother is asking me to gettoff her computer. That is an order I cannot disobey.

Okay goodbye my blog. Hello my books.


  1. Please make a blog entry on the 30 days of mix and match and can I know where you read it online. Thank you so much

  2. Read it online? I didn't. I'm not sure where it can be read online. Maybe you could do a search. I bought the magazine and the 30 days of mix and match is included in the book. Although I might actually take up that idea someday ^^