Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend road trip

This weekend has been a blast! It has. Really. For me. I need more of this. Lots more. God, give me more. Thank you.

On Saturday, went out with Jb and his friend. Spent most of the day in Ipoh. We went to Dai Syu Geok (literally translated to Under The Tree) for breakfast. Had one effing big bowl of porridge. Damn full after that. The boys ordered a lot of food. A lot of liu to be more precise. A LOT. Like each piece of liu is ginormous.

As I always say, sometimes your eyes are bigger than your stomach. Not I always say la, but a girl's gotta sound wise when she's gotta sound wise.

Then proceeded to Aeon Station 18 for Step Up Revolution. After that awesome movie (I wanna dance!!!) - it was awesome ok. if it wasn't awesome then get lost - the boys followed me around while I shopped window-shopped.

Later had SnowDream at don't know where. Some where near Kinta City. I think. Don't ask me. I could be very wrong.

This is the Tako Ballz series with barley, snow fungus and pearl add-ons.

This is the Soybean series with peanut, red bean and pearl add-ons. I love this one! It was really good :)

I went to the toillet and when I came back, it was 50% gone. Explains why this bowl looks less than the other picture.

After that went to the hawker centre near Wooly. Then bli bli bla bla, reached Kampar at night.

Then the next day, Sunday, was a road trip for food and sight see-ing with a big group of people. I got up early in the wee morning and left for Ipoh for some Foh San (富山) dim sum. The place was jam packed with people! Waiting is something you have to brace yourself for if you wanna eat at Foh San on a Sunday morning.

We finally got a table and settled in for some good grub. I didn't take pictures but here a few pictures from the net which resemble what we had that day.

(Source: Ipoh Chai and Ken Wooi.)

Went to a chinese clinic for a while because Jb's eye was... I don't know... really red. He thought it a small matter but momma had different ideas and insisted he go see the doctor.

After that was a 2-hour drive to Sitiawan to visit the famous Tua Peh Kong (大伯公) temple. It was a hot, hot day with a lot, lot of people. But the place was beautiful!

Went inside the Monkey Garden. It was much breezier in there.

Yea, nothing much except paya bakau. But at night the tide would rise and I'm guessing a lake forming around.

Jb and I. His eyes are sensitive under glaring sunlight.

The breeze was pretty strong there. That explains our haphazard hair. It was so cooling even under the hot sun.

My chinese animal sign! The goat :)

Later, we headed to a seafood restaurant somewhere in the area. Lumut and Sitiawan are filled with seafood eateries!

The food came after one hour. But it was expected. The sheer number of customers warned us beforehand. Anyway, the wait was worth it because the seafood was really fresh and juicy. We had fish, crabs, sotong, vegetables and... I forgot what the rest are called.

Took a picture during the wait.

Then at night, headed to Aeon Station 18. Again. Wtf. Lol. Twice in a row. But still, not complaining :)

And finally after that, we lugged our tired butts back to Kampar and onto the cozy wozy bed. The end.

Sometimes, I complain a lot or get sensitive over nothing but the thing is, god has given me one of the best things I've ever had. And at the end of the day, I'm just really grateful.

Enjoy the Raya holidays peeps!!!


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