Monday, August 6, 2012

Updates and small hauls

Nearly a week ago, Jb and I went to Ipoh Parade to catch The Amazing Spider-Man.

This version is more comical than the original movie. But I prefer the original version better because I get the feeling that it sticks more to the classic Marvel comics storyline.

In this movie, Peter Parker doesn't seem to be depicted as a boy genius. Rather, his father is. I don't know. Some scenes made him look genius. But then on second thought, the formula was his dad's. Even if he was, he looked more like an average Joe rather than a nerd.  I guess some other comics depict him that way.

All in all, quite enjoyable lah. Aiyo.

Ipoh Parade is getting boring. I think I've been there way too many times. I miss KL. Unless you are on a mission to buy clothes, then Parade not bad. Other than that... um... I tak boleh tahan. I need a change of scenery.

Anyway, I also bought a novel from NovelHut. "How to Trap a Tycoon". It's a romantic novel but leans towards the wittier side of things. No, it's not the hot, passionate, steamy kinda novel. Look at the cover also know already la.

I used to love reading teen romance novels when I was 13 to 16 years of age. And then, I stopped. I guess because I shifted to Kampar from KL. And Kampar doesn't exactly have Kinokuniya. Kinokuniya in KLCC used to be my favorite book store back then. Yes, I was partially nerdy. OK, 80% nerd.

Ok... still a nerd now.

*sniff* Memories...

Yes you saw right. RM4.00 for a second hand book. I also wanna sell some of my old novels to NovelHut. Earn some extra pocket money.

After Ipoh. It was tiring... This was after a short nap.

Bought this mud mask from Guardian a few days ago. I am in love with Montagne Jennesse masks! This is my second mask purchased. It's not a sheet mask, rather you spread the um... cream on your face and wait for it to dry. Very cooling sensation after wiping it off.

And just yesterday, I purchased my first 2 ever Japanese magazines in English! Ray and ViVi!!!

I love, love, love them to pieces! :) Personally, I think way better than Cleo. I dunno, half the pages of Cleo are filled with advertisements 0.o

But the pages in ViVi and Ray are ALL filled with juicy goodness and very, very relevant and wearable fashion.

These 2 pages I think were the only "expensive clothes" section. The rest of the apparels seen are those where you can buy at places like Ipoh Parade and Sungei Wang.

Falsies and colored contact lenses guide! How not to love?

Change of topic. Haven't been feeling well. I feel fatigued. What's wrong with me? I feel light-headed. Gah...

Saw Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan last night. The dissapointment on LCW's face after the match was heart wrenching :( Felt like giving him a big hug... Hey, you'll ALWAYS be Malaysia's hero! :)


I have to seriously buck up on my studies.



  1. told you vivi was good. love it to the max...<3