Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tips on how I categorize my blogposts

So if you've noticed, which I think you did not, I've finally sorted my posts into different categories (see sidebar).

You won't find ALL my posts sorted into their respective "houses" yet because... um... that day I got shoulder ache after deciding on the categories I wanted. And the sorting hat went missing.

I think I've categorized about 30-40% of my posts so far. Will do the rest when I'm not busy wasting my time on other time wasting activities.

I have 190+ posts so far and I wanted a system where my readers can easily refer to similar posts and skip posts that hold no interest to them, knowing that everyone will not have equal taste.

So the categories are:

There are 8 categories so far for those of you who cannot count. Okay, I shall stop insulting your intelligence.

Anyways, here are some personal tips for deciding on categories for your blog. Follow at your own risk.

1. Don't have too many categories

Just a personal preference because too many categories make my sidebar look cluttered.

I like it simple and straight forward.

Try to decide on categories that are meaningful and relevant to your blog. But having a personal/lifestyle blog makes it extra difficult to sort because well, these kind of blogs have ALL sorts of content!

I guess that's one advantage of having a niche blog.

Whatever. I still managed to divide my pie blog into 8 generous slices. Not too exhaustive or detailed.

You'll also need to have a miscellaneous catch-all category where you dump posts where are neither here nor there into. I call it General.

One good thing about having a very tight number of categories is that you can always add on more when needed.

2. Think about what each category holds

If you don't plan this out beforehand, you'll be seeing many extra unnecessary categories popping up in the future. And before you know it, your categories won't look like categories anymore. They'll look like list of tags or endless keywords. Unless that's what you want, then I cannot say anything la.

Just as a reference, here's how I planned out mine.

  • Academic - ACCA, exams, payment of fees, results, study resources, study tips etc.
  • Beauty - Make up, skin care, hair etc.
  • Fashion - Outfit of the day, clothes haul, accessories etc. 
  • Gadgets and techies - handphone, laptops, reviews on them etc.
  • General - A catch-all category; miscellaneous news etc.
  • Lifestyle - Happenings, events, travel, outings etc. 
  • Personal - Daily, rants, goals, relationships etc.
  • Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Nuffnang, Instagram, forums etc.

I predict that I will be adding another 2 to 3 more categories in the future. See? That's why starting out with a minimal amount of topics is a good idea.

3.... I can't think of a third one. Dang. Aiya... 2 good enough lah.

Ok abrupt end. Happy sorting! :D


Update: Until now, I have added 2 more new categories. Doodles (since I'll be adding more comics to this blog) and Advertorials. Yes! I've been getting requests! *grateful* (but I am picky with requests - so not all get accepted)


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