Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stop 114A: Internet Blackout & other news

So today's the Malaysia Internet Blackout day in support of the Stop114A campaign.

I only heard of this 114A amendment today. I delved more into it and I was like... what in the world?

For those still in the dark, read about it HERE.


I know a bit small. Bigger version HERE.


On other news:

My handphone buttons are getting harder to press. But fret not my fingers! Because... *deng* *deng* *deng* *deng*... I'll be getting a new spanking handphone SOON. Can't wait, can't wait!!! :D

It's gonna be white! My second favorite color. A close contender to pink.

Which means I'm going to be nearly broke. Whatever. (Update: I'm not going broke after all!!! Yes! :D)

So a few days ago, I went shopping in Ipoh parade... again. Family trip. See? I told you I go there way too often. And then the next day I bought some clothes from a boutique in old town. And I spent money on these two occasions. Like a lot.

The person who first came up with "shopping is therapeutic" must be some rich bugger. Unless you're earning bucks then fine. But I'm not categorised under that group.

So conclusion is... I have to start applying for small jobs every once in a while after Olympiad. Oh yippee.

On another note:

I've been wanting take a few good professional looking photos. Like taking them properly MYSELF. I wanna learn how to take pretty pictures. I am not talking about self photos exclusively, but all other sort of... things/sceneries/bli bla bli bla.

Not half-a**ed because if it's half-a**ed, I might not take it in the first place since it ain't gonna serve any purpose. Because I'll probably upload it... only to delete it.

Either full-a**ed or no-a**ed.

Oh yes, thinking of doing vlogs too. Since like you know, my time is all mine. We'll see. We'll see.

I just realised my grandfather reads my blog. He's hipster like that! Hi kong kong!!! :D :D :D

On other news, today JB and I were "maids" of the day. I shall not elaborate but suffice to say we worked and worked and worked until we ached all over. I think next time, hiring actual maids would be a way better idea. But good therapy I think. In a way.

Ok bibai!


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