Saturday, August 25, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S2 & Instagram

So as some of you might have already one way or another, hokey-pokey, abracadabra known, I got me self a new spanking white Samsung Galaxy S2. My new bebe! I love her to bits!

Yes, it's a female. I just checked.

My last phone was a good little sturdy LG phone that is a value of RM90. But never underestimate those cheap little phones. They last long. They are like cockroaches... did you know cockroaches are one of the longest living insects on earth? They survived all sorts of catastrophic catastrophes to show the world that... these little buggers sure are durable.

So anyway... my new bebe. I love her. I said that already.


I've been setting me eyes on this phone for quite a bl**dy long while now. Ya, even wrote about it HERE. And the joy of my manifestation coming to life is unparalleled. It is a joy unbeknown to the... I can't seem to complete this sentence.

Marvel comics, here I come again.

Those handsome boys also gave me a free casing to go with me new bebe. Ooh la la... PINK!

And the headphones were prettaaay awesome too. In white. You wanna hear a story?

I had to wait like a week for a WHITE S2. Black was available. But not white. I checked every store I could possibly lug my butt too (in Kampar lah) but alas, my efforts were futile. It seems that EITHER white is very popular/exclusive/rare or... maybe they're not stocking S2 white anymore due to the availability of S3 phones.

Cut the boring story short, I nearly got a BLACK S2. I even nearly got a BLACK Nexus. Due to outside influence. But I am so glad I stuck to my guns and waited out for the white one. Yes I had to place an order. And it was... so worth it.

Ok end of boring story.

Okay, I know some of you are prolly thinking, "Yeah, yeah, you got yourself an S2. SO WHAT?"

Well that is because, I have a blog/diary. And dude, that's what you write dude. All in the name of blogging. AND ALSO BECAUSE I BURNT MY POCKET, LIKE TOTALLY ANNIHILATED IT, TO GET THIS BABY.

Get what I mean?

Alright moving on. I am officially on Instagram! Yes because I can now post piccies with my bebe. Oh wee~

Follow me at- @missymiyen

Recently, I've been thinking, with all this facebook-ing, tweet-ing, instagram-ing, blogging (especially public blogging) etc, life isn't so mysterious anymore.

I sometimes feel like I shouldn't be posting too much, shouldn't be writing too much. Nowadays, everybody knows what everybody is up to. Okay, not EVERYBODY. But like... many bodies. Well, I suppose there's both the flip side and the uh, non-flip side to it. *shrugs*

Suddenly... I do wish I had many more blogger friends. It is fun to be on the same stage y'know.

Okay, I have to go and save the world now. Ta~


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