Friday, August 10, 2012

Outings and positive musings

I feel pumped up again!

Like life is starting to treat me real good again :) Dear life, keep it up and you'd better not stop.

Ok, maybe it's because I'm starting to think positively again.

But that's the thing you see. It feels so dang good to be seeing the positive side of everything. Sigh... like I'm in this pink fluffy candy bunny lollipop unicorn teddy bear pastel world. So nice to be in this halo of positive aura...

Whatever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting.

There're so many opportunities everywhere. It's whether I wanna take them... or shove them down the gutter. And everywhere I turn, I see little bits of magic popping up from the remotest place.

I know you're probably thinking "You mental tart. Go back to the place where you once dwelled, the place where mental tarts flourished. Go. And begone."

But... sheesh, to each person their own belief.

There were a few small factors and events here and there that triggered that little switch to happiness. Oh and my own mental effort to block the negatives or divert to the positive.

Because the past week, I haven't been the most angelic... uh... angel. In fact I've been the most devilish devil. You know how when you're feeling all self-pitiful and depressed because you think you've got such a miserable a** of a life?

You attract your dominant thoughts.

That feeling is addictive. Like I can't get out of it. Like the negativity is some kinda drug. I know it's wrong but I still wallow in self-pity (especially at that time of the month... actually not really lah. depends on whether there're a lot of chores left to be done).

And I end up with lots of pimples and clenched teeth and a mean face. Oh we don't want that do we?

So learning to control my emotions have been playing a major part of my life recently since I'm starting to understand that my emotions affect the people around me. A LOT. Especially my mother. Haha.

I just wanna be a happy bunny all the time and I believe.. can and should be phenomenal.

Ever had the feeling that you just really wanna do something but yet you're scared of what people think la, this la, that la; and end up not doing it and then later regretted your inaction?

When you have an inspired thought, you must trust it and act on it.

P.s. The colored quotes are sourced from here. Didn't think I was that wise did you?

Which is not the main point of this post.

*ahem* So moving on to the main point of this post.

Hung out with Angel yesterday. Haven't seen her for quite some time. And I don't know, but yesterday was a surprisingly very relaxed and happy outing with her.

I bought a few stuff from yesterday:

You should see Angel's haul! She makes me feel like I need to start earning some serious mojo.

Visited this one particular boutique, POSH BOUTIQUE, for my first time. And the pieces (of clothes) there were FRIGGING RIDICULOUSLY DAMN NICE!!!

Only thing not very nice is the price lah. But that is subjective. Because for me, anything with a price tag is expensive.

Later went to KFC (again) and was pleasantly surprised to see that the original SPICY is back! Woohoo! :D

Random: Ok, I know sometimes I do complain a lot about people (who doesn't?) and I know I shouldn't. 

So I shall stop.Because that just makes me another... b**ch. Lol. I ain't no saint either. Everyone has their good sides yes? It won'd be an overnight change, but I'll try. I want to stop.

Ok, preaching stops now.

Anyways, today I tried out the Garnier Oil Clear self-heating sauna mask. You're supposed to put in on your T-zone but I ended up spreading it on the most part of my face.

I've never tried a "sauna" mask. So I was curious. Upon contact with my fingers, I felt a warmth of heat cruising through my skin. Ooh... like that la...

And I still have some left in the packet enough for another go :) The sachet mask comes in two applications. But from what I noticed, each application can last me 2 rounds. So that means 4 rounds altogether. Value for money, value for money, and because of that I shall purchase it again :)

I am now utterly excited for what I'll be getting me grubby hands on later! WOOHOO! Let's just say it's one of my dreams coming true :D


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