Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My so-called fitness routine


I will write about the activities I do in the moderate to vigorous range.

Moderate: Chores/Long walks

The way I get chores done around the house can only be described in one word: professional. I'd like to think of myself as a highly qualified chartered cleaner. Put it another way: I make a pretty mean aunty.

Professionalism aside, chores burn a lot of calories. I mean, duh, you sweat and you ache. Obviously something is getting burnt.

Even the simple art of sweeping and mopping the floor trains your arm muscles. So does shampooing your hair to think of it.

And spring cleaning - the mother of all chores - is NO JOKE. Recommended: Once a month. Or less. Or wait until your mum screams at you to help her spring clean. Think 3 hours of active to vigorous exercise.

And long walks around my little town... I quite enjoy them. You wanna take full advantage of long walks? Go at 2pm. You get sauna and you get tanned. And your hair will get an orangey tint.

Vigorous: Jogging/Running

I call it vigorous because I sweat bucket loads. And because I don't aim to be an Olympic weightlifter. Thinking of it, spring cleaning should be under this subheading also. But no matter.

I've been jogging very little. Heck, that is... a lot already ok? I mean if you also take into account chores and long, hot walks around town. Or just call me lazy. Or making excuses.

My only vice about jogging is the act of putting on my sports bra. It... suffocates me. SO bad.

Guys have it easy. All they need is their underwears. Do they even have sports underwears for guys? Like is it really tight? Maybe it's as tight as their swimming trunks. I've seen what Usain Bolt wears. Do boys wear those underneath their limpy sports shorts? If they do, then fine I'm wrong.

But still, sport bras are not the most comfy attires around.

But weighing the pros with the cons, I'm seeing a tighter bum and toner thighs! :D

I prolly should jog more. And stop spelling probably as prolly.

P.s. Okay guys, I am currently out of town and therefore my blog will not be updated as often as it used to. But I will still be updating. Only not so much more. Have a lovely... third-last-day-of-August! :D 


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  1. Hey - where did that pic of the girl cleaning come from? I came across it on a google search and would like to use it for a local business.