Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lazy update

Just received an email on my next trip overseas soon. Oh my god, I don't feel prepared o.0 Wargh... Ah well, just do my best and have fun :)

I'm gonna miss my family and my boy T_T Won't tell you what it is yet in case I have a dangerous stalker amongst my lovely readers :P 

I reckon these few days will be a flurry of studying, writing posts, packing and spending as much time with ma loved ones.

Talking about studies, I'm finding it very hard to mug down the contents in my tax book. It... is... undeniably... tiresome. Or maybe I've just been very distracted lately. My mind is all over the place. What with my new handphone (which I will write about next!) and all. 

I have to get a grip. Like seriously. I hope this euphoria of um... brain-not-functioning-properly is just temporary. Or else I will rot in procrastination. 

I shall have to design an awesomely flawless plan to amp up my productivity. And I shall proceed to see it through.

Anyways, I have to switch up my skincare routine because my skin seems to be breaking out a bit more than I'd like to. Healing crisis maybe? Or maybe just itchy fingers. 

Oh god, it's already 2.30am. What the hell am I doing up this late??

Ok goodnight y'all! xoxo

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