Wednesday, August 8, 2012

ACCA June 2012 Results

Just received my results at about 12pm today and...


Words can't even explain my sheer happiness right now! I'm estatic!!! Whew... That SMS made my day!! :D

If you read this post, you'd know that I was not at all confident for my F5 paper from the June 2012 sitting. FYI, I took F5,7 and 8.

This wasn't helped by the fact that the past few days before the results were released, I've been having dreams that I failed my F5 paper... and also another paper. And in those dreams, I was getting 10+% to 20+% ...whaddafag? I cry cry:(

I was already bracing for the fact that I might need to resit one paper (F5 most probably). And then the sweet, sweet news came... and I momentarily died in euphoria. This ain't no damn dream! I... I actually passed... mother-of-mercy...

But with the benefit of hindsight, I now know all those dreams were all nerves. If they were prophecies, fark... I don't know whether I'll kill my teddy bear or beat the daylights out of the first person who even thinks about approaching me.

Weeheehee~ I don't need to fan about re-sitting! I can now fully concentrate on my next 2 papers without having to play with the possibility of the need to squeeze in a retake paper :)

I am just so very, very grateful. Thank you baba for hearing my prayers! *sniff*

Wish I had more to write, but I don't. Actually I have. But... nah... Ok, I know what to write.

Teen Wolf rocks! That should be enough.

Okay... going to buy dinner :) 

Nitey nite.