Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Where are the rights of women?

I just read the Star 2 section about Nepalese women not having any control over when they get married or how many kids they want.

Most of them get married by the age of 13 and get pregnant the same year or the next. So they stop school and a shitload of housework gets dumped on them. That's because they have to shoulder the burden of their in-laws mess too.

There was this one story about this young Nepalese girl, maybe about 14 years of age, who married this stupid guy. I think it was an arranged marriage. Right after marriage, that ass of a husband started beating her up. 

She also started taking contraceptions because she didn't want kids so early in life. But her stupid husband found out and stopped her and I guess he whacked the hell outta her.

So she got her first child like really quick after that. She then started on contraceptions again but somehow that ass found out again, stopped her... and she's now pregnant with a second child.

And these young girls, there's no way they can achieve their dreams or ambitions or just live life the way they want. Their lives ain't theirs anymore. To have young life taken so fast without any preparation is... f***ing disgusting.

What kind of caveman thinking is this? Females there are just to breed children and do chores all day long?

Why are they even being allowed to marry at such a young age? What's worse, some of them are forced into marriage.

I think this is hell.

Those men... I don't even...

Ever heard of family planning?

For me, too many kids all around the same age is a burden. Unless you really, really enjoy kids (lots of them) and plan to be a full-time housewife, then by all means do. 

But them, they have like around 2 kids by the age of 16. And no career, just a house (or a shack) with lots of work.

I'm turning 21 but you ask me to take care of a kid now for the rest of my life, I'll punch the daylights out of you.

When the right time comes, then fine. I'd be mentally, emotionally and financially prepared by then. But for me, maximum 3 kids. Ideally 2. I come from a family of 6 kids and I've already experienced the amount of work that have to be undertaken to keep us kids happy and full. 

Yes, this family is fun and noisy and I love everyone at home. But one really important factor in maintaining this big family is the fact that mum's a full-time housewife. 

Of course she's able to relax now because 70% of her kids are grown up. And work around the house is spread among us. Can say la.

What's more, there's the occasional family vacation every now and then. But I doubt those girls would get their holidays often. 

Whatever it is for me, I don't intend to stay at home and be a full-time mom in the future. I don't fancy life revolving around changing diapers or saving up for tertiary education's of 4 to 5 people. 

I want to have the time to do things I'm interested in. To be independent. I'm selfish that way. But a good kind of selfish is a must in this world.

After reading that article, I'm really glad that this is Malaysia year 2012. I'm a free, literate girl capable to doing and achieving anything I want.

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