Tuesday, July 31, 2012

That girl




So today I was wondering...


What makes a person happy? More like what makes ME happy?

To have whatever I want the moment I wish for it?

Nah... it won't be meaningful then.


Sometimes I expect too much and I forget that the joy is in the journey. I guess some things cannot be forced and that they'll come in their own good time. Well, it better come.

They say good things come gradually. But I believe that good things happen in a split of a second. That everyone's just waiting for that break in their lives. Sometimes it comes, sometimes never. If never, better luck in your next life buddy.

Oh man, if my brothers read this, I bet ya they'll be laughing their arses off. Their sister is a preacher. God forbid.


Whatever. I shall continue my preaching.

On second thought... maybe I shall stop.

So I know this post is completely random especially with my pictures randomly popping up. But I like.

ANYWAY, what I'm trying to drum into my thick skull again and again is just to be grateful. You've got so much to be thankful for girl! *BIG SMILE*

On a sadder note, I've reached the limit in my flickr account :( So I'll either have to upgrade it (which will cost me money) or upload from blogger (which uh... a bit unreliable). Oh well, we'll see.


Peace out to a completely useless post!


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