Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Snippets of news

Just saw a notice of a flea that's gonna be held at UTAR's heritage hall tomorrow and the day after (8th & 9th of July). Wondering whether to go or not. Who wants to go? XP

The apparels are from Genuine by Kerr.

And the model that's posing is apparently a UTAR student. She's super pretty! T___T

I've also seen some pictures my ex-form 6 mate posing for shoots for UTAR. She's gotten so gorgeous already! *jelly*

I wanna be pretty and pose too! Can?

Where's my plastic surgeon?

Just kidding!

So anyways, now for random pictures. Sorry, just couldn't bear to bin them.

A few vain pictures taken at a random cafe in old town.

That's Merlin the panda and Rudolph the reindeer.





Oh say Hi to me new shorties! Got them for RM25 in Ipoh :D
Last random picture for the day

After math of girlfriends' pizza session last thursday.
I failed to finish my pizza. I'm a failure to humanity. Most importantly, I have failed myself...

Ok, ok, ok... I'll try to post more pretty pictures of myself next time. But to do that; sit-ups, jogging and leg exercises are going to be my new best friends for the next 10 days or so. Oh and lots of sleep and water too!

Jia you!


Next post: Singapore!

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