Thursday, July 5, 2012

Singapore! Part 2

Part 1 here.

So the second day was a little more mellow. Most likely because we were dead tired from the day before's adrenaline challenged walk.

2 days is definitely not enough. Next time, I plan to stay for a week. But the trip was still useful. I managed to scout around the area and get a feel for the place.

Next time, I shall conquer.

I pretty much spent the daylights in Bukit Panjang Plaza... oh and on the Ipad. Dinner was also at BPP. Grampa, auntie and us 2 sisters went to Jack's Place for some western food.


There were writings on the... um... mini tree barks wall. Pretty cool eh?


That's the menu... oh and my goddamn specs.


Rustic. The walls in the picture look dirty. But actually the place is pretty polished. You not only do not judge a book by it's cover; you also do not judge the cleanliness of a wall by a person's photography skills.

Wait. I can't understand what I just wrote.


My right eye is red. I have no idea why. Wait, maybe I have an idea. I rubbed it. Hard.


Merlin warned me not to put up this picture because she looks fat. But rebelling is good.


Garlic bread in a basket.


Grampa just wants his food. That's all.


Merlin's humongous Jack's Club sandwich. $10.



Auntie's Baked Cheese Rice.


My prawn and chicken spaghetti. It was... delish :)


Ugly picture of me blocking 70% of the plate.


On the way back to home sweet home! Merlin's neon shoe lace.

Note to self: wear long pants and do not assume blanket will be provided.


Singapore, I'll be back!

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