Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Singapore! Part 1

So last weekend, Merlin and I spent 2 days in the Lion City.

It's been a while since I visited this country. So I was really looking forward to the trip :)

Throughout my time there, I realized that to be a true blue Singaporean, you have to:

1. Own an iPhone
2. Be rich

Um... yup, that's about it.

We took the night bus to Singapore. Duration of the trip is about 6 to 7 hours. It also depends on how fast the bus clears immigration. At about 4am, it's no surprise that we got through checkpoint smoothly.

In the bus to Singapore.
Reached Singapore in the wee hours of the morning. Singapore is... as clean as usual. I salute

Auntie and grampa picked us up. Thank you for waking up so early just to fetch us! :) So grateful for such awesome relatives.

Merlin and I in the car.
Breakfast was at Bukit Panjang Plaza. It's been ages since I've been there :)

Merlin and her korean food. Grampa getting excited when he's surrounded with food.
Me awesome aunt... oh and I.
So after resting for a while at auntie's place, Merlin and I proceeded to... Orchard Road! :D

Had light eye make up on, on the 1st day :)

In the car.
Ok, fine. Last one.

I'm so in love with this place T__T It's something like Bukit Bintang walk. I don't know, maybe now that I'm older I'm more aware of my surroundings, so I am much more obsessed about Orchard road compared to last time.

I think I've already mastered Orchard road. Heh.

Ok, that's exaggerating. A lot.

One thing I like about Singapore is the people. The people there are so much more... interesting! Making out in public? No problem. Why isn't my boyfriend in Singapore with me??

They're also more courteous in a way. I don't know. Usually I act all goofy and... stupid. But when in Singapore, I felt inclined to act like how a young adult girl should.

They have a very distinct sense of style too. I like the way they dress.
Stalker alert.

But watching them really made me feel like... I don't know, dressing how ever I want. In a way, I feel Singaporeans are generally more open and have a strong go getter kind of personality... Which I adore!

Random stretch of road at Orchard road. For the love of nothing better to take.
Frigging talented street performer. 
We also went to Lucky Plaza. Which is something like... scratch that. I forgot. Haha. But the place is filled with a lot of filipinos. Is that how you spell Phillipine people? *shrugs*

I also noticed this really glittery pink and black shop at the bottom of the plaza. Took a closer look and... oh, it's a sex toy shop.

Thought of taking many, many pictures of the place, but once we got to the centre of all the hustle and bustle, we forgot. The above pictures are just the first 30 minutes after we arrived. That shows I'm not a born lifestyle blogger.

No lah, so many things to see, how to take?

Ngee Ann City_391A Orchard Road_Ngee Ann City_Night_Ext_1
Takashyimaya S.C. Ngee Ann City! Stole this from another website. Heh.
Ngee Ann City's Watson was bloody a** big!

And the selection of things there are frigging awesome wei. Why doesn't Malaysia have that kind of selection? There's so many products in Watsons Singapore that's not available in Malaysia's Watsons. Maybe should have bought that cream blusher I saw. Dammit :(

We then went around Somerset road which is linked to Orchard road.

313 somerset
313@somerset. Thanks Cuisine Paradise.
313@somerset has like 4 levels of forever21. And each level houses a pretty big lot. Whaddafag. And their selection there was obviously awesome sauce.

Oh, just so you know, currently there's the Great Singapore Sale going on. But we didn't buy much stuff because even after discounts, stuff there are still pricey after converting.

*wishes for more money*
I also visited Sephora for the first time. So many nice beauty products all in one place! *faints*

Before this, i thought Sephora was a type of make up brand. But it's actually something like Guardian/Watson just that it focuses on makeup, skin care and fragrance. I was hyperventilating there. It was like cotton candy heaven! *sobs happily*

Wanna visit Sephora in KL next time :D

I predict that after I'm rich, my all time favorite place will be Sephora!!!


We also visited Scape. This mall had more youngsters there.


There was also a youth-carnival-kinda bazaar going on at Somerset road.

eclectic bazaar

And it was at this place I found my highly sought after laced top! *squeals* #lucky

I just took one look at the cutting and I just knew I had to have it! It was ... The One.

I'll show this hidden gem in a later post :)

And that ended our first day. We took the bus back to auntie's place! #likeatruesingaporean

But honestly, you need a few days to actually cover all of Orchard road and it's malls in it's entirety. #likeaguru

Second day is another post. It's gonna be pretty short though... because I realized this post is already very long. So whatever. Anyways, stay tuned :)


Part 2 here.

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