Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sasa Haul & Perak Grand Prix 2012

The whole day today was spent playing chess at the Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng Grand Prix Chess Championship in Syuen Hotel.

It was good :) I had a few good games I'm pretty happy about.

After the tournament, siblings and I went to Ipoh Parade. And um... I bought some more beauty stuff from Sasa. But hey, it was justified because I won some money from chess ... and Sasa's having a sale! It's until the 2nd of September.

So here's my Sasa haul:


1. Sasa face masks - RM10 for 4 masks
2. False lashes - RM7.92 (Original price RM9.90)
3. Cyber Colors Dual Cover concealer - RM 31.92 (Original price RM39.90)

Another shot
My first pair of falsies were really dramatic. Something I never expected. I don't know. I prefer something more natural. And I thought that I'd be sticking with mascara. But when I saw this pair of falsies in Sasa, I wanted to give falsies another go. 

This pair looks so much more natural. Not too volumnised. 


A few random post from the tournament to end this entry before hitting the shower.

After a day of battling... with brains. Doesn't sound right but it'll do.
I don't really remember what was happening that time, except that I was scaring Sarika.
Closing ceremony. Very rich men on stage.
Very dramatic.
Ok bai! My neck pain. xoxo

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