Friday, July 13, 2012

Like a country girl

It's very hot.

I'm sweating like a mad cow.

There's air-cond in the room a few steps away from me but I refuse to go in there because... tarak computer in there.

This house is like a barn. There is SO much work to do. It's not helping that there are so many occupants living here and not everyone is very helpful.

I've been working like a busy, busy, busy country girl for the past few days. My body aches. But I just have to imagine that I'm by the countryside in some foreign, blissful land.

Think Lord of the Rings. Think where Frodo Baggins, the hobbit, lives.

Instead of milking the cow, I get to clean the cobwebs. Instead of feeding and washing the horses, I get an astronomical amount of clothes to deal with. Like an army of clothes. Literally.

I can snap a picture of the shitload I have to fold later if you like. But then again, I'm not up to it since I have to find the camera cable, stick the camera cable into the laptop, wait for the file to pop up, find the picture, resize it, wait for it to upload and decide where to put the goddamn picture in my post. So, no.

The best is always copy + paste.

Every hour, there is a new pile of mess to be taken care of. Thank you Boo, Mowgli. That is one very BIG CON of having little sisters. They never stop churning out mess. And oh joy, I get to clean up their mess.

I thought by this age, I'd be able to get away from chores. Life is... full of surprises.

But I'm going on an adventure tomorrow :) Imma excited. Think Frodo Baggins on his quest to destroy the ring.

Anything to get away from those Cinderella chores :)

I'm really grateful for having found prince charming already. Because whenever I need the much needed break, I just send a dove his way and he comes galloping my way.

And then can go makan nice nice.

Anyways, I'll be away for the weekend and I haven't finished packing. The clothes are still in a bloody high pile, the dishes needs to be washed, the living room has to be swept. Oh life continues for this country girl :)

Why am I still so optimistic?

The day is still young.


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