Monday, July 30, 2012

KFC Outing with Loges and Meitheng

Wow, pretty direct post title I must say.

But it's gonna start out pretty indirectly. pfffttt...

Haven't been the most energized person of late. I've been sleeping really late for the past week. Usually around 2-3am. Occasionally 5am. And last night I tried sleeping at 12am. But only managed to sleep at 2.30am... after drugging myself.

Ok, just kidding.

To put myself to sleep (doesn't sound right but it'll do) I read and read and read until my arms were too tired to hold up the book. So that means exhausting my arms makes me sleep.

Have to make sleeping earlier a habit before I start looking like I just came out from a very horrific horror movie.

Anyway, I'm gonna be random here but, I've had enough of PALE LIPS! *bangs table*

I've been having pale lips and cold hands since a few years back... because I can't remember having them when I was a kid. So yes, a few years back.

Don't believe? This is pale lips me T__T


Ok... doesn't look that pale now la. But it'll look paler in the pictures below!

So I've researched a few ways to cure pale lips:

Exercise (gets the blood pumping to your lips) and put honey! Honey has moisturizing effects and kinda plumps up the lips. 

Dunno ah. Internet say one ah.

Ya, I haven't been exercising as much as I'd like to. I SHALL START.... tomorrow. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. What was the name of that poem again?

Anyway, before I divert anymore further, to the point of this entry!

Yes, KFC outing with my bubbly form 6 friends! :)

Loges & Meitheng
Loges & I

Oh man... look at my dark eye circles! Need to sleep EARLY!!!

Meitheng & I.

See my pale lips? See?? I prolly should stop complaining.


JB would be dissapointed.

Everytime I don't finish my food, he'd shake his head and remind me of the fate of the poor African people.

I try! But I just cannot finish lor!


After reaching home. I like to have my hair outta my face.
Gonna be totally random... again.

Ellips hair vitamin - smooth & shiny

This capsule rocks my socks! Ok, it's for my hair not my socks. It's done a pretty darn good job for me hair so far. Instant smoothening effect. I like! I'm on to my second box (each box has 12 capsules).

Ok, bai!



  1. What's this? Tempting people with bones only after makan finish :P

  2. haha :P but i don't really like their spicy krunch. i prefer the original spicy :(

  3. still pretty with pale lips and dark circles :P