Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Facebook fanpage & other news

So I've created a page for my blog waaayyyyy back (like more than a month ago) but have only come around to announcing it on my blog now. 

It's called Another Reality @missymiyen.


Other news. I'll be representing Malaysia in the Olympiad chess tourney next month. And... and... and... sigh... I don't really feel up to it T__T

Also, that means I HAVE to get a smartphone and a new luggage bag for the trip. That's a lot I have to account for.

Not to mention I have to speed up my studies.

I'm not even sure I'll be able to pass all my ACCA papers I recently sat for. Oh god, let me pass them all... spare me the misery of having to re-take...

Ok, I'll stop scaring the shit outta myself and move on to "happier" topics.

I really can't wait to go dye me hair. I've decided that I want a sleek brown color. No more ombre waves because... I don't know... kinda hard to maintain waves and the ombre effect is expensive if I'm doing it at a salon. Correct me if I'm wrong.

But I predict I'll dye my hair only after Olympiad. 

Let me hit the jackpot.

Oh, and I'm prettay excited to be getting a smartphone. Although it's going to demolish my dad's pocket and also mine... partly. But I don't care, it's an INVESTMENT dude. The returns will flow in during the phone's lifespan. I hope so. 

I WANT A SAUMSUNG S2! I really don't care that the S3 came out. I like the S2's design and size. And I heard from my friend S2 dropped its price to RM1300 now. Yeah baby.

I'm trying to get JB to touch his savings and also get an S2. Then we can haz couple phones! Ngehehehe...

Oi... I'm sorry but I have to stop bashing the keyboard and get back to studying. Ta~


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